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What I’ve learned today or a Murphy’s Law Day

1. You cannot successfully catch a raw egg by pinning it between your leg and the counter. You get a splattery gooey mess and need to change your clothes and wash the floor.

2. A small child can cause as much destruction as an earthquake when left alone for more than 5 seconds.

3. A lazy susan spice rack is a wonderland for 2 year olds.

4. The box of spices used to make homemade stuffing are very fine and spread far.

5. I think an invisible elf or other mystic, invisible creature lives in my house. He likes to make me trip over nothing and lose my keys. Maybe my mind too.

6. Cats like to vomit in high traffic areas.

7. A 2 year old who refuses to potty train has no problem removing their wet/poopy diapers and leaving them throughout the house.

8. 2 year olds are like cats, they are always on  the wrong side of the door.

9. Some days french toast IS a suitable lunch.

10. When you are stressed and barely able to cope, you will lose the thing that you are supposed to be working on.

11. A child’s smile can help make your day better. 🙂

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Be Kind!

I am reblogging this as a reminder to be kind. Thinking of all we have, couldn’t we think of something to give? It needn’t be expensive, a kind word, a smile…these are free but are worth their weight in gold.

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Weight and see…and illness strikes the household.

I had an amazing 2.6 mile walk on a local trail last week after I posted. A friend and i took my 2 year old and went for it.We agreed it was fun and we wanted to do it again. Then the rain hit. We are having wicked rainy weather here in the Northeast lately. IDK the stats, but it must be above average rainfall. So, I did one day of the “challenge” and one day of walking and then it rained. I would have done the challenge on those other days, but my husband was home from work and I certainly won’t exercise in front of him! So instead, we drove 1/2 an hour and went to Olive Garden for lunch where I filled up on my beloved, waist friendly fettuccine Alfredo and bread sticks. Great idea for losing weight, no? Needless to say, I have sabotaged myself and am hoping to get back on track. To further agitate the process, I am severely sleep deprived. My 2 year old has been getting up several times a night. She will come into my pitch black room poking me and yelling “Bop! Booooooppppppp!” “What, Anna?” “Ah-ah?” (this is what she says when she wants to watch Curious George). “No Anna. Na’ Night time” “AH-AH!” Then you have to wrestle her into bed and lay there while she tosses, turns, kicks, hits and head buts you. Eventually she’ll fall asleep. No sooner do you drift off than she is up again. This goes on 3-4 times until between 5:30 ad 6 you decide it’s no longer worth it and get up with her. The one good thing that came of us getting rid of cable and getting Netflix is that whatever show they have, you can watch when you want to. So, George will go on when she gets up.

Our  next challenge was when the illness rolled through the house. First, my oldest 2 kids, who live with their father, got sick with a cold/flu/respiratory thing. My daughter still had it when she came home for some Mommy Pampering. Then my 5 y/o got a cold and ear infection. Last week he went on antibiotics for it. He seemed better and was thrilled to get his perfect attendance pencil the students get fro not missing any school. Unfortunately he wn’t get it this month. I was in VT with my youngest Monday night into Tuesday, my husband was to go in late to work Tues. after getting the kids on the school bus. I called at 10pm Monday and found out my little guy had gotten sick and developed a fever. No school for him. Luckily it must have been a 24 hour stomach bug, because all day yesterday he ate like a champ, his fever broke and other than looking tired, he was OK. Back to school today!

Now more than ever I need to exercise. We have been having tasty baked desserts, I have been under enormous stress with school and job hunting and there is illness running rampant through our town. Exercise will help keep me healthy and reduce the stress. Now if only I could find the time…

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Hoping the weight will “fall” off.

I am in my element. The weather is crisp and cool, the leaves are brightening even the dreariest of days and I am motivated again to get in shape. The downside is, I have that warm, fuzzy, cozy feeling that makes me want to bake (as well as sleep and sit on my butt). We went apple picking and baked up some yummy pies. Today I will be making apple crisp, if you’ve never experienced warm apple crisp, you don’t know what you are missing! Warm apples baked with a oatmeal, brown sugar and cinnamon topping melted with butter. There is nothing quite like it and I plan on keeping my portions small, which is good.

Strangely, a couple of weeks ago, I went on the scale to find I had lost 10.5 lbs! Woo-hoo! But, why? Daily I checked it and it was the same. Weird. I hadn’t really been exercising beyond my daily chores, and my eating habits hadn’t been all that great except that I was eating less. Well, eating less and less good things like fruits and veggies, but more corn, of the candy variety. Then came the day where I had regained 8.5 lbs. Again, utter shock as I was doing the exact same things. I really don’t know what to say…so I have decided to do a core strengthening “challenge” a friend posted on FB from Pinterest. It looks like it will KILL me, but I figure I need to strengthen my core. I kind of lost my waist somewhere and am beginning to look like an apple. No definition anymore, just an overall roundness.  If I can do this “challenge” and get in some kind of cardio through walking or some other way, I think I may lose the weight. I may even find my waist again. I swear my kids hid it on me somewhere with my mind!

Right now my biggest obstacles are my 2 year old, who likes to sabotage ANY plans I have whether it be school work, cleaning or running errands, and my lack of willpower to keep going. I need a buddy in exercise and I may just know of someone who could do it with me. We shall see. Stay tuned to find out the answers to the following questions: Will she get her waist back? Will she lose the weight? If so, will she find it again at the lost and found? Who is the mysterious walking buddy? AND Can she resist the awesome powers of warm apple desserts? Will her 2 year old ever take a nap? Tune in next week for the answers to these and many other questions!

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Kids experimenting…or experimenting in driving me crazy?!

I think I am going to start having the kids fill out a questionnaire before giving them any food or drink. 1. Do you want a drink so you can: A. Drink it B. Fill a toy sink with it C. Dump it on the rug D. Transfer it back and forth from cup to cup or E. Leave to rot on the coffee table? 2. Do you want that apple to: A. Eat B. Stab scissors and a nail file into C. Make into an apple doll D. Leave as an experiment in fruit flies E. Leave in the car so mom can play what’s that smell? Yes, all of the above have happened in the past 2 days, or at some point in the past month.

Anna is fascinated with dumping drinks into her play sink/kitchen set. I keep finding drinks there or see her trying to wash her hands or dishes. Granted she’s TRYING to be helpful, but…yeah. She also enjoys playing let’s see what happens when I dump this on the floor/rug and likes to try filling her tiny tea cups with drinks from “spill proof” cups making a horrendous mess. Another thing she likes doing is transferring liquids back and forth from one cup or container to another, except that usually one has a very small opening and while easy to pour FROM, it isn’t so easy to pour TO. Jayson on the other hand has taken to asking for a drink in the morning, taking one sip and leaving said cup there. I will be going through the house cleaning and come upon it, hopefully before Anna has dumped it.

Then there’s the food. Two days ago Jayson asked for an apple, a little while later I wet into the kitchen to start dinner only to find the apple with a pair of scissors sticking out of one side and a metal nail file (generously given to him from his grandfather) sticking out the other. Anna has been throwing them like baseballs. Someone, I suspect Jayson, poked holes into an apple and put it back in the bag, suddenly we are swarmed by fruit flies and don’t know why. I go to get an apple, ahhhh…it all makes sense now. Luckily with the cold snap, it’s been in the 30’s overnight the past couple of nights, leaving the windows open in the kitchen has made the flies all but disappear.

My all time favorite *gag* is “What’s that smell”? The kids were fond of that game in the van, sometimes it was a cup of milk, sometimes an old apple core or once, McDonald’s french fries (side note, they never rot, they harden. That should be enough reason not to ingest them!). The other day I smelled something. It wasn’t a good smell, nor was it a bad smell, it was just a smell. Looking around, I found the culprit; an apple, stabbed by some small round object and placed in the door. Nice. They wonder why I instituted a no eating in the car rule.  Last year I found what appeared to be a shrunken head/apple doll in my daughter’s room. Nope, just an apple, eaten and left there in the sunny window. Same daughter, different month, she had a plastic beaker that she was making spa products in, she was gone for 2 weeks, came home, left again, after 3 weeks I found some moldy something living in her window. Eeeeew. It was white and green and hairy. I picked it up and dropped it in the trash. Who does that?! Apparently my kids. *sigh* I keep hearing that one day they’ll all be gone and I’ll miss this. I can honestly say I will not miss finding moldy surprise in my windows, cars or anywhere else. I may miss them, but not their messes!

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Language Explosion and Losing Teeth

So my 2 year old suddenly started to speak more! YAY! She is saying a few 2 word phrases, usually telling someone to EAT. Ex. “Baby. EAT. Diddy (Kitty) EAT! Woof-woof (Dog) EAT!” Her other 2 word phrase was “Owie. Elbow” I am encouraging her speech, reading to her even more and over-enunciating words to help her learn new ones. Her favorite combo last week was  “Diddy. BUM!” followed by raucous laughter. She thinks she’s the funniest thing in town and some days, I have to agree.

Meanwhile, big brother lost his first 2 teeth, in one day! The school nurse pulled the first one after he was sent there bleeding from the mouth. The next one I pulled when he arrived at home. The tooth fairy was a busy lady that night! I have been informed that I am his love bug and he is going to marry me, despite my insistence that that is against the law and would make Daddy very sad (and creep Mommy out!) he insists it is so. He also has a 5th grade girlfriend (a friend of his older sister) who doesn’t actually know she’s his girlfriend. He has been kissing 3rd, 4th and 5th graders on the bus, which I’ve had to tell him is not okay. He’s a little Casanova! The neighbor downstairs (in 3rd  or 4th) he told “I’m in Wove (love)!” and hugged her and attempted to kiss her. She complained to me one day about his advances on the bus which is when I had to have the no forcing yourself on women speech (I hope we don’t have a future stalker on our hands!).

After a week of migraines where the 2 year old got way more TV than the norm, I sat the kids down last night and re-instituted the TV limits rule and added a no screen time 1 hour prior to bed rule. This time is to be used to get ready for bed, relax and read. I am hoping it will make a smooth transition to bed time. Wish me luck as my lax attitude the past few weeks about TV has become a habit with these kids.

Fall is in the air here in the Northeast and we got to go apple picking yesterday. It is by far one of my favorite fall activities and it signals fall baking! I have been baking a lot these past few weeks, but it will pick up. I will make 2 apple pies, apple crisp and my apple coffee cake. Mmmmm! Looking forward to Friday where I will have coffee with a friend and partake in said coffee cake with some coffee and fellowship! 🙂

Til next time!

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The Long Road Home or Losing Things

What a few weeks! We decided to drive to Minnesota from NH with 3 of our kids. It sounded like a nightmare to me, but my husband loves drives and frankly, it was fly and have no money, or drive and be able to at least do a few things, so he chose to drive. We left 2 hours late, thanks to me and my schoolwork, at 2am. The kids did not fall immediately to sleep as we had hoped, but eventually did. i merely dozed off and on as my husband drove all night. The only sound, other than the radio, was the occasional SCREAMS from Jayson as he was partially awakened from an uncomfortable position. At one point, he also woke Anna who began to yell and cry as well.

Thankfully, my husband decided that we were stopping in Ohio at a hotel. We got out, the kids swam, we ate, watched TV and slept in actual BEDS. Everyone awoke in better spirits the next day. Jayson loved that there was an automatic pancake maker (picture to follow). We spent the day at Cedar Point amusement park where my daughter (age 13 1/2) and husband went on insane rides and roller coasters. I had charge of the little people and hung out in Camp Snoopy most of the day. We had a good time and drove from there to MN.

Our first night in MN brought bad news, one of my brothers in law died that night, we got the call at 4 am. It was tough, but we maintained a fun atmosphere for the kids, going to zoos, amusement parks, playgrounds, out to eat and other fun activities. We visited a lot, shared meals with loved ones and friends and kept it all pleasant.

The ride back was eventful! We left late and got pulled over because of my husband’s lead foot, but were let off with a warning. We decided to stop at that point, we were in Indiana, and stay at a hotel. Upon arriving in our room, Anna vomited all over the comforter of her bed. I had to give her a middle of the night bath and we needed to get a new blanket for her. The next morning, we had a nice breakfast and the kids went swimming while I packed up the suitcases and brought them to the car. My husband was reading and watching the kids; believe me, his reading is so rare, I didn’t interrupt him for help with the luggage!

Next we drove back to Ohio where my husband had left our keys and his hat. *(See note below.) He took out his luggage to get Jayson’s toy plane and then went inside to get the keys and hat. We drove to Target to pick up some cold meds as I woke with sniffles and sneezes and were on our merry way. We stopped a few times to switch off driving, use the bathroom or get snacks. In NY when we were switching gain, I went to the back of the SUV to get something and asked my husband where his suitcase was. “What?” “Where is your suitcase?” “Is it missing?” “See this perfect rectangular hole here? That’s where your luggage was.” He kept insisting he never took his luggage out. Exasperated I said “You took it out to get Jayson’s plane, remember? What did you do, leave it there in the bathroom or something?” Realization dawned on him then “When we got to the Target in Ohio, the lift gate was opened. I thought nothing of it, I just shut it. I must not have shut it tight after getting the plane and it fell out somewhere between the hotel and Target.” Ugh! I was upset, he wasn’t overly concerned stating “It’s just clothes. I can buy more. Oh, and a picture.” “A picture? A picture of what?” “Um, nothing. (smirk)” “Oh my Gosh!”It was a bad pic of my daughter and I on a log ride, me screaming in terror while my daughter laughs at me,  which someone  better not find and put online or on Ellen!

Finally, weary from our travels, we arrove home at 3:30 am. We picked up the kids and went in, collapsing in our beds, glad the journey was over. Luggage could wait, we needed sleep. In a bed.

We lost much on that journey, keys, luggage and a loved one, but gained many good memories as well. Would I do it again? Perhaps. The kids weren’t as bad as I anticipated. We would definitely need to do the stop overs to make it bearable. We saw a lot of the country we hadn’t seen before and I think we all had fun. The new adventure is school! It began yesterday for us. Keep tuned for those wild stories. After day 1, I’m sure there will be many to tell!

* OH! The KEYS! I found my “lost” keys in my purse. It makes no sense because I emptied my purse 4 times looking for them and never saw them, then, miraculously they were there.

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Worst mom ever…

Jayson: “Mom I don’t want a cream cheese bagel anymore. Do we have any oranges?” Me: “No, sorry honey, we don’t.”  Jayson: “You’re the worst mova (mother) eva!” runs crying from the room. Um, ok? LOL

That isn’t where my sins stop either. Apparently, even though I am on the computer looking for a job, I am supposed to know that Anna is annoying him and prevent him from hitting her because he was getting angry. “I told you to ask me for help if she annoyed you.” J: “I DID! You just SAT there at your COMPUTER!” ME: “Jayson, you yelling ‘ANNA!’ and hitting her is not asking me for help.” J: “Well, I did and you just SAT there at your COMPUTER!” Not going to win that fight. I also have the nerve to not believe him when he’s lying about not having peed in his room, on purpose, into the closet.

The worst “crime” I have committed in his eyes though, is my unreasonable statement that yes, he DOES have to go to Kindergarten in the fall. How dare I? I know he HATES school! Who can forget the rude assumption that he needs to actually eat once in awhile to fuel his busy little body? In his defense, his medication for his ADHD makes him not have much of an appetite, but c’mon! You have to eat sometime! No, peanut butter cups are not an acceptable breakfast. No, you may not have cookies either. Here are your choices, bagel with cream cheese or cereal. No, Kool-Aid and S’mores were not one of your choices. OK, go to your room and calm down, you may not throw toys at me. We don’t even usually HAVE that much junk in the house, but last shopping trip, the little sneak dropped items in the carriage unnoticed until we got home. He has learned that I am often distracted at the register and may not notice everything that goes by. When I have removed things, without a word to him, he says “Where did x go?” “I took it out in the aisle.” “HOW did you KNOW I put it there?!?” So, his mode du jour is to slip things in when Anna distracts me. I think it’s a sibling conspiracy to get junk food into the house!

How do you deal when you are being a “bad mom”? What would be reasonable discipline for these situations? Time outs aren’t working so well anymore and I’m not a spanker.

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Too hot to trot.

7 lbs. I keep losing and gaining the same 7 lbs. It’s my own fault, I’ll be eating well and getting exercise through play, then I go wild with the sweets and it all goes down the tube. Plus it’s been so HOT and HUMID! Last week, despite the heat and humidity, we went to The Basin in the White Mountains of NH. It was still muggy, but somewhat cooler. The kids loved it, we loved it, and the water was downright arctic and refreshing! We literally couldn’t go in more than ankle deep as our feet got too numb. Being back in nature was just what I needed to help soothe my restless soul. I suggested to my husband that next time we should go sans complaining children.

Since then, we have gone to Jayson’s swimming lessons and to the ocean where we frolicked in the waves and walked to the board walk to buy candy. That’s been the extent of my exercise. We celebrated Christmas in July 2 days early before Kiersten joined Tyler and Megan back at her Dad’s (they left Sunday, she stayed an extra couple of days). We had a traditional, albeit smaller version of, Christmas dinner complete with homemade gingerbread cookies that Kiersten made and homemade eggnog that I made. If you know me, you know I am all about the eggnog from the time it comes out in late October until January when it disappears. This is morning 2 of eggnog in my coffee. Mmmmmm. I haven’t set foot on my scale in 2 days since I saw I had regained 3.5 lbs. I used to be extremely thin, but after the last 2 kids, I can’t seem to get into any sort of rhythm for exercise. That is compounded by the high stress of looking for and applying to teaching jobs and having to drive all over the state and it’s a recipe for weight loss disaster. I will not make excuses though, after seeing what my Dad went through last year, I need to get my weight down and be healthy for my kids. I am just considered “overweight” at this point, but am trying to get it in check before it becomes “obese”. After been asked twice in a row at 2 yard sales when the baby was due, I am all set with being overweight. Incidentally, the way it’s mostly in my belly, I do look about 4-5 mos pregnant, but the question still stung. Also, knowing that carrying the weight in your belly being an indicator that you are more likely to have heart problems is more than enough motivation to want to lose weight.

We have a one day reprieve from the humidity, so today I am planning a bike ride with the kids in the trailer. Maybe ride to swimming lessons? IDK Read the rest of this entry »

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What a great inspirational blog!

Losing 100 Pounds

Our air conditioner has been out for the past three days. I feel like I’m about to melt. Thankfully the repair guy is coming out tomorrow but sweet holy moly it’s been a sauna in my apartment. At a ripe (and I do mean ripe) steady 85 degrees with absolutely no air flow except for the office which has a ceiling fan, I’m pretty sure I’ve lost a few pounds in sweat alone. (I haven’t been weighing myself daily though, opting for weekly monitoring instead.)

I’ve been hanging around the house in my little exercise shorts that I wear under my skirts to keep my legs from rubbing, topped with the lightest weight t-shirts I can find. Since doing things like laundry and dishes result in needing to change clothing down to my under garments, not a lot has gotten done. And, nothing better to keep you from…

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