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Beware the Ides of March…

on March 15, 2012

To begin with, I am sore! Not in a “Kill me now-I-can’t-move-and-don’t-want-to live-in-this-much-pain” way. Not a sharp, stabbing kind of way (“Et tu Brute?” ). It’s more like  what I imagine a poor old arthritic person feels like, it’s my right hip-thigh-knee and “glutes” ( much nicer  than just saying my butt hurts wicked bad!). I decided that today is a break day so I don’t break! I am eating healthier today, I just washed a bunch of fruit, prepared it and put it in clear Tupperware containers to make it more accessible and visible. We are lazy by nature and will grab whatever is easy, so there family, that is easy!  

Today my oldest son Tyler turns 15. Wow! When did that happen? My chubby little Buddha baby became a high-schooler this year and will be eligible for a learners permit? When did I get old enough to have a child in high school?! This is all too crazy! Didn’t I just push him out like, 5 days ago? It really has me feeling nostalgic and has me missing him more than usual (he lives with Dad about 2 hours away). He decided he is staying at Dad’s this weekend to have some friends over to celebrate uninterrupted by obnoxious sisters (his words, not mine). I don’t see why he doesn’t want them around. Just because they knock on his door and run giggling, or nag him to do this or that, or follow him and his friends around trying to spy on them? That’s no reason!

Ok, this is totally random, but I am sitting here in a quiet house (Anna’s sleeping) and I just heard quacking. I paused in my typing and strained to listen and I heard very quiet but distinct quacking. No, I am not quacking up…I think it may be a trapped toy somewhere, but when I go to investigate, it stops. Kind of like when you are searching for that one cricket chirping in your house and you get close just to have it stop and then start up again in a totally different direction. Yeah, it’s kind of like that.

Tonight is another marathon of activities after work. I love being a Girl Scout Leader, I don’t love lugging all these buckets to and from every meeting. Does lugging buckets down the stairs to the car, up the stairs at the meeting place and then repeating to go home count as a set of some kind of exercise? If not, it totally should. That’s my workout for the day.  Feel free to “like” or comment on any of my posts! Catch you all tomorrow!


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