Busy moms, life in general


on March 16, 2012

I have been thinking a lot about schedules lately. We have a crazy schedule most days due to appointments, extra-curricular activities and the long drives to pick up and drop off kids from/to my ex. It is a daily struggle trying to juggle homework and activities, as it is for most families. We can’t say “Every day at 4 you will do your homework” because 2-3 days a week, Megan isn’t here at 4. Wouldn’t it be great if more things were scheduled though? Here are a few problems that I have that would be made simpler if they were scheduled:

The Car: Last night, we left our Girl Scout meeting, drove about a block and then it began to shake. The low fuel and low engine oil lights came on and it just died right in the middle of the road. I coasted into a bank parking lot, put it into park and restarted it. I made it halfway across the parking lot before the same thing happened. I inched into a parking spot out of the way, but the brakes seemed to have locked up. I stopped just short of a fence. Phew! Called the husband who asked “Did you put gas in it?” Me”Um, no, you used the car, I assumed you didn’t leave it empty.” You know what they say about people who make assumptions. We had to wait for him to get the 2 little ones dried off from their bath to get us. Mind you, Megan chose to wear a t-shirt and no coat. Guess who gave up their coat so their daughter wouldn’t freeze? I was still trying to thaw out at 11pm.

 Now imagine the same scenario with a SCHEDULE…*car starts to sputter*, “I’m sorry car, your next scheduled breakdown isn’t for another 36 days.” *car resumes normal driving.

Sleep: We have a queen size bed. Most nights there is a bit of shuffling around to get comfortable and share the space. Here’s what things look like by no later than 2 am; husband pushed to edge of his side of the bed, me half hanging off my side of the bed and either Jayson, Anna or both sprawled in the middle. (Well, sprawled only if one of them is there.) When both are there, I imagine we look like a can of sardines all squished up together.

Schedule scenario: Me: “Excuse me, do you have a reservation this evening?” Child “No.” Me: “I thought not, you may schedule a reservation for this bed on your way out. Thank you for thinking of us!” and they would toddle back to their own bed, letting us sleep uninterrupted.

Yes, it is a dream and I am awake now. 🙂

It would be great if we could schedule getting fat. I would save all mine up for my death bed. Everyone would say how unnatural I looked “It must be bloating, I hear some people bloat before they die.”. They might start to have conspiracy theories about whether I actually died or faked it and went into hiding. Either way, I wouldn’t care that I needed 9 pall bearers to carry my coffin, I’d be dead!

On to my daily exercise portion of my blog. As I write I am getting ready to do some exercise with the Wii. Now that my car is getting checked, I will also have to walk today to cash my check and pick up a few items. Maybe the car dying was a blessing in disguise? Or not, it’s rainy today. 😦

Check back in this weekend for more of the ongoing saga!


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