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New Beginnings

on March 20, 2012

The plague has exited the building! I am hoping it doesn’t visit the younger children, or my husband, Jay. I spent the weekend with a pounding head and a sick stomach. Not a fun way in which to spend one’s weekend.

Spring has sprung! It has ranged from 65-80 degrees the past several days. This is the Northeast, things do not bode well for us. As my husband said this morning, all the flowers will begin to bud and bloom and a frost will come. Despite my love of winter,  a decidedly weak, mild and disappointing one from my POV, I am enjoying this gorgeous weather. I think exercise will be easier now that we can be outdoors. I played outside with Anna and Jayson yesterday and will be able to ride my bike again. Maybe I can firm up these jiggly parts at last!

More news, my van, RIP, is being replaced. Jay just returned and informed me that I have a new 2011      8 passenger SUV that will be here shortly. It happens to be the same vehicle that my ex has, by a strange series of coincidences. I don’t care, I just need a reliable vehicle that will get me and mine from point A to point B. I’m not a real material person. Not to say that I don’t like nice things, just that I don’t need the newest and best of everything.

I’m hoping for another exciting change, I am applying for a teaching job! I found one about 45 minutes away and heard rumors a local school will be hiring. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that one will pan out. I sit here flipping through catalogues dreaming of the items I would purchase for my students. It is going to be expensive with so many supplies needing to be paid for by the teacher. My own kids are great and all, but being challenged by a class full of children not related to me would be a welcome change! Speaking of change, Anna needs one!

Enjoy the spring, a time of renewal and new beginnings, I know I will!


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