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Seasons (read it through, it starts slow, but picks up steam!)

on March 22, 2012

It all started with the Halloween snowstorm. Trick or treating in the snow with an actual accumulation! I thought that meant we would have an awesome winter with tons of snow. Nope. We had 63 days with above normal temperatures according to The snow was very sparse and many of the storms we did have were mixed precipitation or snow turning to rain. Jayson never even used his sled until earlier this month! We had a rare snow event giving us 6″ or so.  Winter was very springish.

Now it is March, generally a windy, rainy/snowy month as we switch over to spring. We have had 80 degree weather 3-4 times already. Seriously?! I should not be outside in a tank top feeling hot in March. Just saying. It has been good for me physically though. I have been able to ride my bike and run and play with the kids, something I didn’t care to do in the dreary, brown winter we had. We have already gone for ice cream and stayed out late, not realizing the time due to the brilliance of the sun. Little bodies freed from their cocoons of snowsuits, hats and gloves frolic and play in shorts and t-shirts, their milky white skin finally feeling the warm kiss of the sun. They are happy and they wear themselves out, making Mom and Dad happy that we can get them to sleep easier. Now I worry…if it is this hot now, what will summer be like? Why are we skipping seasons? Is global warming more than a scary story that John Kerry tells around the campfire?

Other news, my daughter, Kiersten, is being inducted into the National Junior Honor Society tonight! Megan and I will be making the 2 hour drive up to see this event. I couldn’t be more proud of her! She is really coming out of her shell, no longer the painfully shy girl, she does dance, tried out for a school play and now the NJHS.

Today I have also been reflecting. It is my mother’s birthday, I won’t say her age as I do value my life, but let’s suffice it to say she is younger than most of my friend’s parents. A friend’s father died the other day, he was closer to my Nana’s age, but it made me start thinking, how long until I lose more people that I hold dear? Gram is getting long in the tooth as has become painfully obvious over the past 3 years. She has dementia and forgets things, a lot of things. She has always been like a mother to me, and often joked that I was “the daughter (she) never had”. To see this once vivacious, effervescent woman now moving slowly, rarely going out, her once chock full social calendar empty save for a few family visits and Dr.’s appointments makes me immeasurably sad. What of my parents? Dad had major medical issues less than a year ago and doesn’t take very good care of himself. Mom does well enough, but as I age, they age and this friend’s parents death got me thinking about the mortality of my own kin. Typically I fret endlessly over the health and well-being of my children figuring the older generations know how to care for themselves, but as they age I wonder, can they? For how long? Life and time march on like the seasons. Summer’s bloom giving way to fall’s decay.

Okay, out of the depressing and into the exciting! It is Spring! A time to be joyful and refreshed! Go out and enjoy the day, be thankful for all that you have. Oh, and go call your mother! 🙂


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