Busy moms, life in general


on March 24, 2012

You know that song by LMAFO, Party Rock Anthem? Well, for me instead of “Everyday I’m shufflin’.” it’s “Everyday I’m juggling, juggling!”. I feel stuck in this perpetual juggling act of cleaning, caring for children/spouse, work, school, weight loss and job hunting. At any time I could drop a ball and then where would I be? Am I doing any of these well? School must be ok, I have good grades, yet I feel that I am slacking. The kids are always needy, and no matter how much or little time I spend with them, it’s never enough for them or me. They are well fed, dressed, homework completed and tucked in every night. Exercise? Well, read my Excercise Schmexercise post and you’ll see how THAT is going. Husband? Hmmmm, I think that is that stranger that comes here to eat and sleep in my bed, even when I am busy playing musical beds in the children’s rooms. Even my cat is feeling neglected of late. She has taken to attacking my face in the night, either hitting me with her paw, nibbling on me, or head butting me,  to wake me for attention. Who wants to sleep? Besides, she sees the baby and Jayson waking me at all hours and probably thinks that’s what you are supposed to do. You know that old adage “Let sleeping dogs lie.” ? Yeah, I’m going to make a sign “Let sleeping Mom’s lie.”. It’s that bad.

As for me time? You’re looking at it. I steal away for a few moments of blogging, checking email or checking my school account. I have been working on my Action Research Proposal and have decided to call it quits for tonight. I can finish it tomorrow when it is due, I have almost everything I need, I just need to finish putting it together.

So tell me, how do you juggle all the different hats you wear? How do you carve out time for yourself? Inquiring moms want to know!


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