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Little things

on March 28, 2012

Kids say some of the funniest, cutest, silliest things. For example, Anna calls me “Bop” or “MmmmBop” for “Mom”. Every time I hear it, that Hanson one-hit wonder “MmmmBop” plays in my mind. Last night at bedtime, Jayson laid his head on my arm (I was wearing fleece pajamas) and said to me “Doesn’t this feel like home, Mom? Doesn’t it?” Other times he’ll say things like “Dad, I’m not impressed.” which cracks me up every time! One of my all time favorites though was when Anna first started using recognizable words. Jayson “Mom! Mom! Nanners said a word! She’s almost like a real human!”

 We’re feeling a little BLAH because a bad cold has the younger two children and I in it’s grip. Yet, the sayings keep coming, “Anna, did you put your pop on the floor and let it melt?” “No. Dahd.” Apparently my husband likes to secretly leave purple Popsicles on the rug to melt, all the way from work. The things he does to try and get these kids in trouble, he’ll go to any length! “Jayson, what did you do to Anna?” “She started it! I tried to hug her and she wouldn’t so I slapped her on the head!” What an egregious crime! Not returning a hug? Definitely cause for slappage. Sheesh! Where do they learn these things? Or is it just the lack of impulse control for the 4 year old set?

On any given day I can be seen breaking up such fights with the two youngest. Anna will hit Jayson for some reason, such as his taking her toy, and he will do this thing that drives me crazy, he simultaneously slaps both sides of her head in rapid succession. Then there are the fights between Megan and Jayson. Like Monday, she reiterated that Jayson wasn’t supposed to do something, which he considered her to be rude and mean, so he punched her. Each was angry and feeling justified, I played referee, after much shouting (mostly Megan, but some Jayson), 11 minutes later all was fine, until 4 seconds after the truce something was said (I didn’t catch what) and Megan started all over again “That’s it! I hate that little brat!” which she did until he bought her a gumball, then all was forgiven.

Then there are the sweet moments, where Jayson says so very sincerely “I love you Nanners!” to Anna and they hug and kiss and he excitedly exclaims “Mom! Nanners gave me a hug and a kiss! Good girl Nanners!” Times like yesterday where they ran around the school field chasing each other, the best of friends and playmates. Last night hearing Megan reading to Anna, or Kiersten’s nightly call to read Anna a book. The little things…make life so worth it.


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