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The glass is half..?

on March 30, 2012

The glass is half..? Full? Nope, I’m too much of a pessimist for that. It’s most likely half spilled on the rug, or half dirty because someone incorrectly loaded the dishwasher again. Does anyone else feel the futility of cleaning the house? Seriously, Anna messes while I clean, following behind me like a little tornado, when I turn around expecting to see cleanliness and serenity, I see…a bigger mess than the one with which I started. Hmm, freshly washed floor? Let’s spill some sticky juice or drop and break a jar of pickles on it. Clean bathroom, Megan decided to paint and clean her brushes in the sink. Nicely vacuumed rug, let’s stomp the goldfish crackers into it! I know I cannot be the only one thoroughly irritated by this. There have to be other households like this out there.

I hate when going to a friends house, hearing them say “Sorry, the house is SUCH a mess!” and you walk in and need sunglasses because everything is s sparkly clean. At my house if I said that, it would be because it looked like WWIII had just occurred and my place was the battlefield. Why can’t kids just put their things away? I keep telling them, if you put it away when you’re done using it, 1. you won’t have a big mess to clean later and 2. you’ll always know where it is. Nope, it falls on deaf ears. Then comes “MOM! Have you seen my..?” “Honey, what did you do with..?” Excuse me, what did I do with..? *sigh*

I keep hearing that one day I’ll miss the mess, the constant hustle and bustle of having kids around. Yes, I will miss them and their need for Mommy, but no, no I don’t think I’ll miss the mess. Or the middle of the night stepping on sharp toys, or tripping over shoes, trucks, dolls or whatever else they brought into the bathroom at 3 am and left in front of the door. I think I’ll be good with that. It will be nice to have my electronics to myself without having to hunt down a Kindle Fire (or futuristic equivalent)
 from under a 4 year old child’s pillow to find that they not once, but twice, downloaded Plants vs. Zombies at $2.99 a pop, and Angry birds Rio for .99 after being explicitly told no. I like knowing my cell phone is safely on the counter where it was left charging and not being pawed by a sticky fingered 18 month old who wants to watch videos of “BeeBee” (baby) and has ripped both phone and cord off the counter and out of the wall.

What are your house cleaning (or cluttering) pet peeves?


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