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Wow! What a crazy weekend! It will continue throughout the week as well. First off, the cat’s eye looked really strange the other day…almost orange colored iris with her usual yellowy-green color not really showing up…took her to the vet and found out her lend of her eye is messed up, she has an indfection of the front part of her eye and there’s blood behind the eye. She is currently on 2 eye-drop medications and an antibiotic, which happens to smell like bananas. Weird. You’d think it would be tuna or shrimp flavored. Huh. Anyway, she goes for a re-check in a few days and hopefully it works. If not, we have to drive to the seacoast to bring her to an animal opthamologist to get an ultrasound of her eye. Considering it was $30 for them to put 2 drops of fluorescent dye on her eye and shine a light on it looking for scratches, I assume the opthamologist won’t be cheap. Megan said “Do they have Cat insurance like kid insurance?” Bless her little heart! Needless to say, that was an expensive appointment and I hope she gets well soon! Keeping her in is like trying to catch water in a sieve and she has to stay in for a full week!

Chloe's left eye has the problem. See how it doesn't even reflect the light? It's way more disturbing up close, but she won't let me near her after all those eye drops!

So to make her feel better and help her relax, I am giving her "catnip therapy". Sometimes I get fresh leaves off the plant, other times, I give her dried catnip.

We will be having a yard-sale in a few weeks, so I had Kiersten go through her things. Mind you, this girl is very sentimental and also a pack-rat. There have been boxes of toys in the basement for 3 or more years that she hasn’t seen, but she HAS to keep all of it! Ugh! She actually cried and threw a fit 2 years ago about a fleece jacket her Dad bought her back in 2001. It was a bit big, but she wore it, then it was too small and she wore it. The sleeves looked like they were 3/4 length and it looked like a cropped waist jacket so I told her to pass it down to Megan. You would have thought the world was ending! She took it to her Dad’s and he couldn’t convince her wither, so it was hung on her wall. Seriously?! You’re going to hang it on a WALL?! God forbid someone else get any use out of it! Needless to say, it is extremely difficult to get her to part with anything and she is messy and refuses to clean up after herself. I was pleasntly surprised this weekend that she actually got rid of things. Of course, my house still has remnants of her “cleaning” in every room of the house as well as the basement, but you’ve got to pick your battles.

It wasn’t all just chores this weekend, we watched some movies, went swimming at a local hotel’s pool, went out to eat, played Just Dance 3 on the Wii, well, the girls did, I didn’t, and had some laughs. It was nice. Kiersten shared with me that she is appluying to several boarding schools in England! She is applying for scholarships and with her grades, she’s bound to get some. This program wouldn’t happen until Freshman year though, so it’s early. I am glad she has such pluck as to go for her dreams!

Exercise-wise, I did lots of lifting, stair climbing and swimming this weekend. I felt pretty good and have been exhausted at days end. I got Jayson to agree to do Just Dance 3 on the Wii with me tomorrow after everyone is gone to school. I told him I need his help so I can stop being, as he calls me, “a fatty pie”. He said ok. LOL I am hoping with warmer weather coming soon we can resume our nightly walks that we used to do. Things like that are easier this time of year since kids activities are winding down and it stays light out longer. I’d love to know any tips anyone has for keeping active throughout the school year when you are strapped for time and live in a cold climate! I am not a winter sports person, but would love to try snowshoeing! Other than that, I’m not really sure what I can do that the kids could tolerate. (The only way I can really do anything is with the kids since I don’t have any sitter.)

Gearing up for a heavy appointment week, I forgot that in addition to Jayson’s 504 meeting on Tues, I have his appointment with the child development clinic for a re-evaluation on Thursday, and Anna has her testing on Wednesday. We have our usual appointments as well, and we have our Girl Scout meeting. Which reminds me…I need to remind the girls they need to make and bring in desserts for our Simple Meals badge! Dance, allergy shots, birthday parties, school (both the kids and me), Dr.’s appointments, vet appointments, I am living in my car! Maybe I should get a bunch of TENS equipment, you know, those little machines that make your muscles contract? Maybe I should get those, attach them to my glutes, thighs and stomach and get a “workout” while I drive! I could put them strategically on my face and neck too, I’d look super happy and get rid of my extra chin flap! If only it were that easy! Remember to send me any tips!

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If you exercise and lose weight, is that an exorcism? After all, you are eradicating fat from your body. 🙂 Today we returned to the bouncy place and went in the bounce houses but replaced Jay with Megan this time. The kids all had a super fun time except that Anna was attacked by a vicious little girl repeatedly. She kept running up to Anna and hitting her in the face with a ball and pushing her over on purpose. I know I shouldn’t have gotten angry since the girl had a disability, but still, Anna was 1/2 her size and she kept looking at Anna, then purposefully went up to her and shoved her.

Jayson-isms: I have spent the last week chuckling to myself over Jayson-isms I have heard. Today one such gem was “This is getting ridiculous!”  (pronounced “ridicuwous”) when he tripped and fell over 3 times in a row. Last week, in a store, he had the man behind us chuckling with his saying “That’s not so bad, right Mom?” about a water being $1. At a play area last week, he was pretending the volcano was going to erupt and we had to block up the ship we were on, he shouted to me “Quick! I blocked up that hole, but it won’t hold long. We only have 80-50 minutes left. That’s not a long time!”

He is really obsessed with this game called Plants Vs. Zombies. At the grocery store he saw peppers and said “Mom, doesn’t that pepper look just like the one in Plants VS Zombies?!” We went to Friendly’s for ice cream and he decided to get the “Cone Head” ice cream. “I’m getting the Cone Head ice cream, it looks just like the cone head zombie on Plants VS Zombies!”.

Anna-isms: Then there’s Anna. She has quite a lot to say. Other than her frequent words, cat, dog, woof woof, she signs a few words. Her all time favorite multi-utility word? Da. The significance of the word Da depends on the inflection, volume and intensity of the word. Da could be Jayson, Megan, Kiersten or “That”. Usually when speaking to Jayson, “Da” is screamed, and repeated multiple times. It appears the silly boy doesn’t realize he is being spoken to. How could he not know? LOL “Daaaaauuuhh” while signing for milk means she wants milk. Da or Dahd is Dad. Cat sometimes souinds like Da, so she now says Ditty ditty ditty for cat or kitty. Of course Da screamed in a shrill tone of voice means she is mad or upset about something, generally meaning Jayson has hurt her, or more likely taken one of her toys.

This usually starts a string of Momisms, or Dadisms. We’ll talk about those another day.

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This all seems familiar

I had a meeting today for Jayson with someone from one of his preschool classes. She was asking how things at the public school were going regarding Jayson and asked if she could attend our team meeting next week (I have been unsuccessfully trying to get him on a 504 educational plan). I then commented about how I am going to make a call to a local agency and see if Anna should be checked for Sensory Integration Disorder. After the woman left, I figured there was no time like the present and I went and called. There was no answer, so I left a message with the person I thought I was supposed to contact. Within a short amount of time, I got a call back from someone else. After explaining that my son has SID and just mentioning a few things I noted in Anna, I was interrupted “Excuse me, I think we should make an appointment.” Wow, that wasn’t even the 1/2 of it! Things like Jayson, where loud, unexpected noises cause her to scream or cry. The fact that she hasn’t had fruit or veggies for 7 months except bananas    and only if they aren’t yet ripe, but firm. Perhaps that she hates anything wet (other than water) or sticky on her fingers and will cry until they are clean and that certain pants and shirts will cause her to have a fit and pull, or attempt to pull them off. Like Jayson she prefers to be naked. This all sounds vaguely familiar…except that Jayson doesn’t seem to have as many tactile issues, his are mostly auditory.

So next week, on Tuesday I go to the elementary school for Jayson, and Wednesday someone will come to my home, ask lots of questions about Anna and do some assessments. I just hope that if they find an issue, the fact that we are catching it earlier will mean less hardship for her. Jayson is still struggling and has the added issue of ADHD, getting the public school to help is like pulling teeth. He is starting Kindergarten next year and he is still having difficulty with OT which affects his handwriting and has difficulty with social skills due to his auditory SID. I just hope that these meetings bring some kind of results. Wish us luck!

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The perfect exercise

Sunday we awoke to rainy skies and cooler temps. Luckily I knew this was the forecast and developed a plan to stay sane and occupy the kids (and the husband so he wouldn’t build any more shelves in the house!), we were going to a Bouncy House place. Not where they sell them, but a warehouse sized space complete with 5 different types of bouncy house structures; there was a traditional one, with 2 basketball hoops and play balls to throw, a double slide which you had to pull yourself up a wall with handles and footholds to get up to, an obstacle course type one with 2 slides and 2 for smaller kids. Of course, Anna was too small to go on the big ones alone, but refused the little ones, so not only did I get a workout pulling my own hefty weight up the wall, but had Anna in my left arm and did it one handed! Jayson was super fast, so I also had to keep up with him, no easy feat. I was sweating about 10 minutes in. I’m sure I bounced and jiggled as much as the houses did, but it was so much fun I didn’t notice or care. Those places really bring out the kid in you. I think this is more proof to the theories that 1) playing like a kid can get you in shape and 2) working out isn’t a chore when it’s fun.  It wasn’t super expensive ($10 for kids, $8 for sibs, parents bounce free with their kid) and it was a 2 hour session. Definitely a workout, but one of the most fun ever! If I had to do that everyday, I’d be svelte by summer! It’s funny too, I remember going in bouncy houses as a child and being unable to stay on my feet, people would bounce and I’d fall over (I was always ever so graceful *snicker*), but Jayson had no problem. I tried to get pics of it, but every Jayson pic is just this blurry blob, but we did get some videos on our cell phones. It was perfect to get rid of some of that ADHD energy while getting what he needs for his Sensory Integration Disorder. What a win-win! He was really well behaved the whole time and said it was the best day! I think that when we ever buy a house, I want a room that is just a bouncy house/trampoline room. Maybe my husband can build an addition just for that. Then all my friends can come over and play! 🙂

Jayson’s super funny. I wanted to get him these croc type shoes for gardening with Grampa, and he picked his own. Purple. I don’t care, Jay looked at me and asked what I was thinking. I told him I offered Jayson black ones, but he wanted purple. He is really into gardening this year. He has loved picking fresh veggies in Grampa’s garden for years, but REALLY wants to grow things this year. He had me buy pumpkin seeds and late May, Grampa said Jayson will be able to plant the seeds. We are attempting to grow some green peppers in containers. Th I just planted the seeds over the weekend as well as parsely, snapdragons, morning glories, cut flower mix and hummingbird mix. We usually do a flower box “garden” on our porch, but did not last year. I sure hope Jayson’s peppers come up! We planted 18! LOL Jay tried to tell me that I didn’t need much, but I bought about 20 seed packets. I ran out of seed starting pods and have about 10 ppackets left, including some that are still partially full. My catnip is doing well in the window, my brother had given that to me over the winter and the cat has enjoyed fresh catnip as well as the dried Jayson got her at the health food store. Odd fact; some “relaxing” herbal teas list catnip in their ingredients!  Who knew?! Catnip…for humans! Maybe it will make us crazy and want to chase string…hey it would be exercise!

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Bad parenting moment.

Ever have a day that starts off in a rush? That was today, well, sort of. I went to check my email and catch up on some Girl Scout business, then check the weather. I usually do this and finish by 6:30 so I can wake Jayson up and get him ready for his bus. Today, I had to get Megan up for her shower (I usually have her do it at night to avoid a mad morning rush), Jay was in the bathroom, so that slowed things up, then I realized I’d not yet gotten Jayson up. Due to his Sensory Integration Disorder, getting up is hard.  Our routine is that if he gets up and dressed, we will play Plants vs Zombies while waiting for the bus. He got dressed and we began to play on his bed. Well, Mommy forgot to bring in his cocoa and meds. Mommy forgot to get his sweatshirt ready and put his shoes on. Suddenly we hear “Beep BEEP!” Uh oh! Sandy the bus driver is here, a few minutes early! We run through the house but can only find one Transformer shoe and one Cars shoe. Jayson, ever the sweetheart says “Mommy, they’re for the right feet, I’ll just wear both of those.” We get outside, it’s a little too chilly for just a t-shirt, so I go into his backpack, no sweatshirt, but there’s a long sleeve shirt. So, I am literally putting his shirt on as he is climbing onto the bus. Sheesh! I had to call the school, tell his teacher he’ll need a morning med and oh, by the way, his shoes are unmatched on purpose because we couldn’t find two that were alike. Great mom!

Plus, I realized I didn’t need to get Megan up so early because she has a Dr.’s appointment in a little bit and is going into school late. Ooopsies! Now she’s grumping around the kitchen complaining. I guess it’s ok though because she still isn’t ready; she’s not had breakfast, she’s still making it, she has no socks or shoes on and her hair is soaking wet and unbrushed. She will be ready just in time to go to the Dr. I still need to shower and dress and get the baby up and ready too. We will be rushed for sure.

I hate days that start like this, they always leave this lingering residue of bad ju-ju for the rest of the day. I guess I’d better go before we run any later.

Got any bad parenting moments to share? Leave a kid somewhere? Forget to put a diaper on them? Please share! I can’t be alone in my plight.


The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree

I am finding this old adage to be truer every year. Kiersten is just like me, only an amped up version of me. When she was small she was painfully shy. Every weekend we would travel an hour to see her Nana, EVERY weekend. This is what that experience looked like, me prepping her” We’re leaving to go visit Nana today. Remember Nana at the lake?” “Yes. The one with Ginger(her dog)”. Despite this prepping, we would arrive to have Kiersten hide behind me hugging my legs not looking at nor speaking to her Nana. If I wore a skirt or dress, she literally crawled under it, face and hide. She might whisper something to me to say to her Nana, but no direct eye contact was made nor words spoken. My ex mother in law was never mean or frightening to Kiersten, she was just that shy. By Sunday night, Kiersten would be talking to, laughing and giggling with her Nana, having the time of her life and being sad to leave. By the next weekend, we’d be back at square one. Mind you Nana had lived near us up until a couple of years prior and saw the kids almost daily. I remember being little and not being afraid of family, but there was a lot of noise and so many of them I was overwhelmed. Being extremely shy I would wait for someone to approach me first and then talk. Like Kiersten, by the end of the visit I was totally enmeshed and sad to have to go.

When it comes to reading we are just alike as well. You can often find one of us, nose buried in a book, oblivious to all around us. This past weekend for example, Kiersten was on the couch reading a book, I called to her from the kitchen. Nothing. I came into the living room, calling her name over and over. No response. I walked up to her, put my hand on the page she was reading, she looked up bewildered, “Huh?”. I don’t know what makes us tune out so completely other than the fact that we literally get sucked into the book. My father was, and still is, the same way, so I suppose maybe it’s a family trait. Another trait inherited from my father and passed to my daughter is the art of joke telling. In our case, it’s the lack thereof. We laugh at corny jokes. We laugh at jokes no one else does. We tell a joke and are laughing so hard while telling it that we can hardly get to the punchline. By the time we do, the listener is so perplexed, or maybe they are just anticipating a better ending, they don’t laugh. I think after all our laughing they are expecting a better joke and it’s anticlimactic. Kiersten will make up jokes, and not very good ones. She’ll say to me “Get it? Because x did y?” We now have a rule, rule #1 “If you have to explain it, it’s really not funny.” I say to her often “Kiersten, rule #1.” she laughs and states the rule every time. She thinks the rule is funny. It amazes me because she talks to me about a friend of hers that tells “stupid horse jokes that no one gets and she thinks are funny” all the time. I guess she doesn’t realize we do the same thing, just not with horse jokes. There’s a lot of word play in our house too. Like she was talking about her friend and we were laughing because she came up with a joke to tell her horse-loving friend. She was going to say “Hey, did you go to CANTER-bury this weekend?” and thought the girl would laugh. She didn’t. She didn’t even get the joke, so Kiersten had to explain it. Wow. Rule #1 with a horse joke to a horse lover. Not good. Like I always reply when peple say my jokes aren’t funny, “Well, it cracked ME up!”

Kiersten is also super smart without trying.We iritate people that struggle with school work, like siblings and classmates and friends. She lives about 2 hours north of me and swears that all those “North-Counrty” people are hicks. Ever since she moved there she has complained about how they are years behind the work she did here. It’s hard on her and hard to be challenged. She is more involved in extra-curricular activities than I ever was though. She has self-confidence, which I did not at her age, and she has almost completely gotten over her shyness…unless she has to talk to a store clerk (don’t ask, I don’t know!). She has auditioned for plays, is in dance classes and done talent shows. She was recently inducted into the National Junior Honor Society  and is in her 2nd year in track, this year doing the high jump. She is beautiful, talented, smart and funny and I see her going far in life. I just hope she doesn’t have to struggle as I have. I am 35 and in Graduate school, but I wouldn’t change a thing. I have determination to see my goals through and I see that same spark in my daughter. I know she will go far in education and in her life.

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This one goes out to all of you who have a spouse or S/O that occasionally drives you absolutely crazy. My husband has this attitude which is hard to describe. He thinks that he and his family are these super great people. Which is not to say that they are not, but comments like “We own this place” are not uncommon (meaning they walk in as if they own it, not in the literal sense.). That irritates me. Self-confidence is one thing, being cocky is another.  Anyway, we had to purchase a new vehicle about a month ago. He decided to invite his buddies and their kids to use said vehicle to go to Boston for the Sox game last night. I told him no. I told him his “Stink mobile” was unacceptable for me to use. He cleaned it (somewhat) and Febreezed it, but it still stank like old cigars. He doesn’t smoke around me or the kids, but at work and in his truck AKA the stink mobile. An argument was made regarding who paid for the vehicle and that they would be using it. I don’t allow food or drinks in my new vehicle. He had his boss, the boss’ Dad and a friend plus 3 other kids in the car with him and Megan. I went in this morning and found bottles on every door, chips and chip bags on the back seat as well as a candy bag. It is a disaster. I got furious, not angry, FURIOUS! I went and grabbed said items from my car, opened his door and threw it all on HIS seats. I then picked up every chip off the floor (they were twist cheese doodle-y things) and threw those on the driver’s seat. Maybe it was vindictive, but I have kept my car immaculate, no easy feat with 5 kids, and he trashes it in the course of 1 night. I now have to go vacuum the damn thing AGAIN. I just did on Monday. So he uses the vehicle and I have to clean it. Grrrrrrrr!

On the home front, despite what he says, I now have validation for my belief that he generates big messes. He claims to be clean and tells his Dad and brother that I’m the slob, I don’t clean the house etc., but with him gone I got 5 loads of laundry washed, dried and folded, 2 loads of dishes done, floors swept and mopped and tidied the kitchen and living room. Kiersten and I made a nice ham dinner and even took the little ones to Fun Spot. I bathed Jayson and Anna and had them to bed, a little past bedtime, but not too bad. When he’s here, he sits around watching Netflix or playing Plants vs. Zombies not paying attention while the kids trash the house. I find his sweatshirts, shoes and socks all over the house. Yet I am the slob?! I was up until 1:30 (again) cleaning and waiting for him and Megan to return, yet I was up when HIS alarm went off at 5:45, while he slept. I go to bed between 12:30-1:30 most nights, am up by 6 getting everyone ready. He didn’t get Jayson up after my attempts for 25 minutes did nothing and he said “I’ll just take him to school.”.  Megan missed her bus, Jay said he’d bring her when he brought Jayson. Guess who got to drop off the kids in their pajamas because at 8:35 their husband was still asleep and refused to get up? Mmmhmmmm. Me.

I went to the car, discovered the mess and fumed all the way to the schools and back, dumped it in his car and came in snapping at him. He had a few words for me along the lines of “I haven’t cleaned the car yet” and “Shut Up” and he finally got up. Needless to say he didn’t say goodbye to me and I didn’t really care. What really irks you about your spouse or S/O?

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To quote Sebastian…

“Hm. Teenagers. They think they know everything. You give them an inch, they swim all over you.” This quote from Sebastian the crab in “Disney’s the Little Mermaid” about sums it up around here lately. I have one teen who thinks they can tell me how things are going to be. Ummm, no. I’m the adult, you are the child. I am pretty good at listening to another’s point of view and if there is validity to an argument, I can be swayed. But being yelled at and sworn at? Nope, doesn’t fly. This teen also thinks because they are bigger than me they can intimidate me by puffing out their chest and standing over me, or getting in my face. It just reminds me of animals in the wild that try to make themselves bigger and more intimidating to get the other creature to back down. Again, not happening.  And really? Showering is NOT optional. It is a daily expectation, so why do you always seem surprised at this request and state “I only shower every OTHER day.” Eeeew and no.

Then 10-year-old has a similar sassy attitude. Constantly talking back, being rude and then crying and slamming doors when privileges are revoked for this behavior. Is this just because they are kids of divorced parents, or is this par for the course with these age groups?

I think I’m functioning on 1/4 of my normal brain power. I got maybe 4 1/2 -5 hours sleep last night and this wasn’t the first night this week. I think there’s only been one night where I WAS in bed before 12:30. I feel jittery and off. My guess, I will be asleep by the time Anna takes her morning nap. Speaking of which…is it soon? 🙂

So it will be summer temps today, reaching 90! This weather is driving me crazy, seriously, just pick a range and stick with it! 50’s one day, 80’s the next…makes it hard to plan anything. I did go to the park with the fam yesterday and get some reading done for school. Except, I swear I’m developing adult ADHD. Every sound had me looking up, I started 12 different conversations randomly with my husband and told him “I think I’m catching Jayson’s ADHD.” his reply? “I didn’t think it was contagious.” “It’s not, but I figured there must be some reason why I can’t focus more than 3 seconds lately.” AS I re-read this, I can see the randomly jumping topics as proof. I need to go “rest my eyes” for a few minutes.

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Does procrastinating mean that you are for crastinating? According to “Cras`ti`na´tion    (kr?s`t?-n?´sh?n)n. 1.Procrastination; a putting off till to-morrow.” So, you are FOR putting things off? Whatever it means, I do it frequently. It is my bad habit and it isn’t even always intentional. I’ll be starting to do something and then realize “OH! I forgot to do this first!” and run off to do it, forgetting what I have to go back to. I call it Mommy-brain since it seemed to get worse with children. It also has to do with the fact that I don’t get a moment to myself without one of my little cherubs yelling my name, absolutely NEEDING something right this second.

Schoolwork. that’s what I’m getting at right now. I have from Mon-Sun for my assignments, reading several chapters, posting for 3 days minimum and doing short papers, blogs (for school) and working on projects. Here it is Thursday again and I haven’t begun. Every week I start with the best of intentions “OK, this week I am going to start RIGHT AWAY! No rushing this week.” Monday comes and is a little hectic, Tues/Wed/Thurs I have work and assorted other appointments etc. Then it’s Thursday night, as I begin to drift off to sleep I awake in a panic! “I didn’t start my schoolwork!!!” Weekends like this one, where I will have all 5 kids home vying for my attention since 2 of them haven’t been here in nearly 2 weeks, then there’s Megan’s b-day party tomorrow which entails cleaning, decorating, food prep. It’s a constant struggle to find the time to squeeze in schoolwork. I always think, OK, I’ll get it all done early in the week so I can enjoy my weekend and spend time with the kids. Doesn’t happen. I always get my work done and turned in on time, but it is stressful. I also know that for some weird reason, it works for me. I get good grades and get my work done faster because I am focused. I just wish I could do it all in the beginning of the week! I will have to train my brain to think I have to have everything done by Wednesday! LOL

My Mommy-brain was in over-drive today. I went to the pharmacy to pick up Jayson’s meds, took out my keys to use my rewards card, went to the grocery store to order Megan’s cake and somewhere in that loop, lost my keys. I spent 1/2 an hour going back and forth looking for the keys to no avail. I finally figured they must have fallen out in the parking lot and headed there. Luckily someone, who must have carried them around for 1/2 an hour, returned them to the grocery store and a worker brought them out to me. Phew! Jay was too far away (and never answers his phone anyway) to bring them to me. I also spent a long time playing my favorite morning game “Where did I leave my coffee?” This is a morning ritual where I carry my coffee around with me getting children ready for school and doing chores. At some point I will discover that my coffee is missing and start the hunt. It goes something like this, I check my email, get Jayson and Megan up, get Jayson cocoa and meds, get Jayson dressed, tell Megan to finish her shower and get out, start folding laundry, get Jayson’s coat and shoes on, grab his backpack, get him on the bus, tell Megan to get out of the shower, go back to laundry, Anna wakes and needs milk, tell Megan again to GET OUT OF THE SHOWER NOW!, finsih folding laundry, carry to corresponding rooms, notice coffee is gone. Hmmm…retrace steps searching frantically for coffee. Find it nowhere. Recheck all rooms in the house. No coffee. Enlist children’s help. Walk around with Anna saying “Mommy’s coffee where aaaarrree yoooouuu?” No  coffee. Remember I brushed Jayson’s teeth and check bathroom. No coffee. Find cup of cold coffee on the bookshelf. Reheat and repeat at least 4 times. Sounds fun, doesn’t it?! I swear some days that i am losing my mind. I will distinctly remember having keys, coffee, phone or a paper and then take a call or get distracted in some manner and put it down without paying attention. Then I have a really hard time remembereing where it is. I am aware that I do this and if I think about it, will focus on where I put whatever it is down. Unfortunately, I am typically multi-tasking and not aware enough to watch where I put the important item down. Maybe when my kids are older I’ll get my brain back, or maybe at that point dementia will set in and I won’t know the difference.

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What’s that smell?

Ever smell something really stinky and can’t find the source? That’s my boy’s room lately. I found a smelly teenaged boy sock stuffed down the bed-crack next to the wall, removed it, but yet, there’s a lingering smell. I think I should have called in HazMat. There is no food, dirty clothes or anything else that should be causing these malodorous eminations.I think I’ll put a dish of vinegar in there. It’s supposed to absorb odors, at least smoky ones, my guess is it’ll clear up the foot stench or whatever it is. Pretty soon wide open windows will allow fresh air to reclaim the space where stale air now stagnates.

Speaking of smells, with spring now upon us I am anxiously awaiting fresh flowers! We will be making a little “porch garden” again this year. Anna planted sunflowers and corn a few weeks ago at the library into  small cups. Her seeds have grown quite a bit in 3 weeks! I have TONS of seeds we bought for flowers, I just don’t want to start them too soon, transplant them and have a frost or cold kill them. When is the best time to plant flowers? Also, Jayson wants to plant pumpkins. This is his 3rd year asking. I wonder if I can successfully plant in a large container on the porch? Hmmmm…

Anna Plants


The house smelled delicious yesterday as I baked banana bread and homemade corn chowder. I’m trying to get my fill of baking while I can since pretty soon I won’t want to anymore. I detest hot and humid weather and try my best not to cook or bake in the house. Living on the 2nd floor has disadvantages, you know, the whole heat rising thing? Blech! In the warm months, the grill is our best friend as are fresh fruits and veggies. My kids favorites are these foil pouches my husband makes full of veggies. They like them best when we are camping and he cooks them with the meat in the coals of our campfire. Which reminds me, we need to see if our campground is open this year. Last years summer flood washed the bridge into it away and they closed for the rest of the season.

We all enjoy the smell of marshmallows toasting on the open fire. 🙂

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