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I have you?

on April 4, 2012

My first secret is, my husband doesn’t know I have this blog. Not that it’s a big deal, or that I wouldn’t let him read it, but I feel like I need something that’s just mine. I haven’t been on in a few days because he keeps showing up unannounced from work. I don’t want to blog in front of him, I don’t know why. Kind of like I don’t like people watching me brush my teeth. I know it’s strange, but I’ll shut and lock the door so people can’t see me brush and floss. Dirty little secrets huh? LOL Also, I have a secret project I am going to begin soon. Only 3 people in the world know about it, or even that it’s something I want to do. I can’t tell that one yet…I need to keep up some kind of mystique, don’t I?

It’s no secret I love my kids, but here’s an example of something that secretly melts my heart. The other day I was taking Anna on a few errands with me and Jayson chose to stay home with Daddy. As we said goodbye, Jayson said “Goodbye Nanners! My whole world is leaving!” I love it when he says things like that to her. He comes up with the sweetest things sometimes and says it with such sincerity.

 Anna is hooked on watching a show she has dubbed “BeeBee!”. We got rid of cable last year and have Netflix, it is a show called Baby First Club. She is sitting on her cat-shaped chair watching it and pulling a blanket over her lap. My guess? She’s just about ready for her nap. Another secret, I let my 19 month old *gasp!* watch tv! I know, terrible, right? Sometimes I just need time to get schoolwork done, or load the dishwasher without her pawing dirty dishes. I HATE when she touches dirty dishes. That’s the germiphobe in me coming out I guess.

She has really been wanting to play with kids lately. We brought Jayson to preschool and she didn’t want to leave! She threw a fit, I had to pick her up and carry her out while she arched her back and cried. I think I need to look into a playgroup for her. We go to story time most weeks, but I think she needs more interaction. The thing is, I worry “Do they ever clean and sanitize those toys? Do people bring their sick kids? Is she going to be bullied? Or more likely, is she going to BE the bully?” All these things run through my mind when I contemplate going. She is very different from my other kids. She has a temper like none I’ve ever seen at this age as well as an extremely strong will. She is more like her Dad than me, she always knows what she wants. I am more likely to go with the flow because I can’t usually make up my mind what to eat or where to go. Not Anna, she will demand it and scream if she doesn’t get it. I secretly wish she weren’t quite so demanding.

Onto school, I finished my second term and have begun my third. It looks like this time I have one that is less demanding work-wise and the other one? Let’s just say it will be very time consuming and I will need to work hard to stay on top of all these assignments and projects. I wonder, is it really that one class has less work, or is it that I am just more comfortable with it, so it appears easier? Anyone else in a similar situation with classes or work?

On the exercise front, I weighed in 3 lbs less at the Dr. last week! Yay! This week I have focused on eating more healthily. I went to the park with the kids Monday and pushed them on swings and walked around and went on slides for an hour and a half. Yesterday I walked home from work, but I think my Easter candy eating and ice cream sandwich for dessert sabotaged whatever benefits a 15 minute walk made! It really is too bad that candy and sweets didn’t cause weight loss and healthy bodies and things like say, Brussels sprouts and fish made you fat (I detest seafood in any shape or form). I’d be super-model skinny if that were the case! I made these muffins the other day with whole wheat and oatmeal, wouldn’t you know it? Jay detests them. He ate one and said “I really don’t like these. They have a weird taste.” I told him I figured he wouldn’t since they were actually healthy and that weird taste? Whole wheat. I am wondering if I should tinker with the recipe and mix whole wheat and white flours to lighten it up? I want to know your secrets…what helps you eat healthy?

Another secret? I can’t stand know-it-alls. People who think if they are louder or keep repeating themselves are more right by doing so? Yeah, just really irritates me, doesn’t change my thinking at all. Now if you can calmly relate why you think you are right? I consider it and can at least understand where you’re coming from and agree to disagree. There is an individual at a school who thinks they know everything about this student and always state nothing is wrong with them. Further,  that they are perfectly normal, despite the fact that I know this child to be diagnosed with certain things and that others witness the symptoms consistently. Not in THAT classroom. Come to find out this poor child is being stifled and not allowed to breathe without her being on top of them. Glad I’m not that child’s mother..oh yeah, I am! What do I know about my child, or the other teachers and specialists? Apparently nothing.

Is there something that secretly bothers you or makes you cringe? If so, spill it here! 🙂


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