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on April 10, 2012

So, I was having a conversation last night about kids sleeping habits with some other parents. I was so relieved to know that we aren’t the only ones struggling to get our kids to bed and in THEIR OWN beds! It seems the game of musical beds is being played in other families too. Phew! We’re not so strange after all. I’ll just be glad when Anna is fully weaned and sleeps through the night every night. I am trying to wean her from nursing completely. Right now she nurses before naps and bed, but my husband is trying to sabotage my efforts for some reason. He is encouraging her by offering me as a pacifier when he cannot deal with her, or when I ask him to take care of her while I do schoolwork “Well, if you’d just give her milk, she’d stop bugging you.” Well, I think if she can walk up to me, lift my shirt and attempt to unhook my bra while she’s signing for milk, she’s a bit too old for it! Call me crazy…I think a cup would suffice. It’s so difficult to get her to give up this vice of hers.

Speaking of vices, I have no self-control when it comes to sweets.  Easter day I wasn’t too bad, a bit of candy and lots of veggies and dip. Yesterday? Not so much. I started my day with coffee and cake. Not coffee cake, real frosting covered cake. It was downhill from there. Dried pineapples were ok, but 2 Cadbury eggs? I had toast for “lunch” at 3:30, napped from 4:30-7 and then had dinner which was pasta and alfredo sauce. Not the most nutrition filled day ever, in fact, if my kids ever tried something like that they’d be in BIG trouble. I went to the grocery store and stocked up on fruits and veggies, hopefully it will help me try to eat better. Today is off to a better start, but I need to exercise! I am thinking that I may just walk with the baby to the bank (it’s only behind my house) and maybe stroll through downtown to window shop to get out and moving.

My new classes are coming along. I got my first grade from one teacher on a short paper. I can already see this one is a really tough grader. I thought the paper was great, it was ok by his standards with “mistakes”. I agree with some of the mistakes, but some of the opinions? That’s why they are called opinions, they aren’t right or wrong, they just are and if I back them with examples… ’nuff said. The other teacher hasn’t graded anything other than one post and I didn’t fully meet the requirements, which I knew, so I am ok with a lower grade, I earned it. I  just need to get it together!

I am finding that my mental state is directly influenced by the cleanliness, or lack thereof of my house. Or maybe the cleanliness, or lack thereof of my house is reflected by my mental state? I’m not sure, but either way, based on my house today, my mind is in bad shape! I’ll add cleaning to my arm length to do list. I’m finding my scattered thoughts are reflected in my cluttered desk, dressers and surfaces of my home. Time to do some major spring cleaning this week! Now that I am not sick, Megan is on the mend after being given a new antibiotic yesterday, and Jayson is well again,  we need a good airing out! What are your favorite spring cleaning tips? Any “natural” cleaners you swear by, like vinegar or some other homemade cleanser? Please share! I’m trying to be “greener”.


One response to “Normal

  1. milinvt says:

    Boy, I’m certainly the last person you’d want cleaning “tips” from, but I do swear by opening windows and doors on those sweet Spring days when the outside air smells so good. No matter how cold the house gets I train the fans to pull in that outside air all day long. Then when I finally shut the doors and windows at least I feel like the inside air is totally clean again.

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