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What’s that smell?

on April 11, 2012

Ever smell something really stinky and can’t find the source? That’s my boy’s room lately. I found a smelly teenaged boy sock stuffed down the bed-crack next to the wall, removed it, but yet, there’s a lingering smell. I think I should have called in HazMat. There is no food, dirty clothes or anything else that should be causing these malodorous eminations.I think I’ll put a dish of vinegar in there. It’s supposed to absorb odors, at least smoky ones, my guess is it’ll clear up the foot stench or whatever it is. Pretty soon wide open windows will allow fresh air to reclaim the space where stale air now stagnates.

Speaking of smells, with spring now upon us I am anxiously awaiting fresh flowers! We will be making a little “porch garden” again this year. Anna planted sunflowers and corn a few weeks ago at the library into  small cups. Her seeds have grown quite a bit in 3 weeks! I have TONS of seeds we bought for flowers, I just don’t want to start them too soon, transplant them and have a frost or cold kill them. When is the best time to plant flowers? Also, Jayson wants to plant pumpkins. This is his 3rd year asking. I wonder if I can successfully plant in a large container on the porch? Hmmmm…

Anna Plants


The house smelled delicious yesterday as I baked banana bread and homemade corn chowder. I’m trying to get my fill of baking while I can since pretty soon I won’t want to anymore. I detest hot and humid weather and try my best not to cook or bake in the house. Living on the 2nd floor has disadvantages, you know, the whole heat rising thing? Blech! In the warm months, the grill is our best friend as are fresh fruits and veggies. My kids favorites are these foil pouches my husband makes full of veggies. They like them best when we are camping and he cooks them with the meat in the coals of our campfire. Which reminds me, we need to see if our campground is open this year. Last years summer flood washed the bridge into it away and they closed for the rest of the season.

We all enjoy the smell of marshmallows toasting on the open fire. 🙂


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