Busy moms, life in general


on April 13, 2012

Does procrastinating mean that you are for crastinating? According to “Cras`ti`na´tion    (kr?s`t?-n?´sh?n)n. 1.Procrastination; a putting off till to-morrow.” So, you are FOR putting things off? Whatever it means, I do it frequently. It is my bad habit and it isn’t even always intentional. I’ll be starting to do something and then realize “OH! I forgot to do this first!” and run off to do it, forgetting what I have to go back to. I call it Mommy-brain since it seemed to get worse with children. It also has to do with the fact that I don’t get a moment to myself without one of my little cherubs yelling my name, absolutely NEEDING something right this second.

Schoolwork. that’s what I’m getting at right now. I have from Mon-Sun for my assignments, reading several chapters, posting for 3 days minimum and doing short papers, blogs (for school) and working on projects. Here it is Thursday again and I haven’t begun. Every week I start with the best of intentions “OK, this week I am going to start RIGHT AWAY! No rushing this week.” Monday comes and is a little hectic, Tues/Wed/Thurs I have work and assorted other appointments etc. Then it’s Thursday night, as I begin to drift off to sleep I awake in a panic! “I didn’t start my schoolwork!!!” Weekends like this one, where I will have all 5 kids home vying for my attention since 2 of them haven’t been here in nearly 2 weeks, then there’s Megan’s b-day party tomorrow which entails cleaning, decorating, food prep. It’s a constant struggle to find the time to squeeze in schoolwork. I always think, OK, I’ll get it all done early in the week so I can enjoy my weekend and spend time with the kids. Doesn’t happen. I always get my work done and turned in on time, but it is stressful. I also know that for some weird reason, it works for me. I get good grades and get my work done faster because I am focused. I just wish I could do it all in the beginning of the week! I will have to train my brain to think I have to have everything done by Wednesday! LOL

My Mommy-brain was in over-drive today. I went to the pharmacy to pick up Jayson’s meds, took out my keys to use my rewards card, went to the grocery store to order Megan’s cake and somewhere in that loop, lost my keys. I spent 1/2 an hour going back and forth looking for the keys to no avail. I finally figured they must have fallen out in the parking lot and headed there. Luckily someone, who must have carried them around for 1/2 an hour, returned them to the grocery store and a worker brought them out to me. Phew! Jay was too far away (and never answers his phone anyway) to bring them to me. I also spent a long time playing my favorite morning game “Where did I leave my coffee?” This is a morning ritual where I carry my coffee around with me getting children ready for school and doing chores. At some point I will discover that my coffee is missing and start the hunt. It goes something like this, I check my email, get Jayson and Megan up, get Jayson cocoa and meds, get Jayson dressed, tell Megan to finish her shower and get out, start folding laundry, get Jayson’s coat and shoes on, grab his backpack, get him on the bus, tell Megan to get out of the shower, go back to laundry, Anna wakes and needs milk, tell Megan again to GET OUT OF THE SHOWER NOW!, finsih folding laundry, carry to corresponding rooms, notice coffee is gone. Hmmm…retrace steps searching frantically for coffee. Find it nowhere. Recheck all rooms in the house. No coffee. Enlist children’s help. Walk around with Anna saying “Mommy’s coffee where aaaarrree yoooouuu?” No  coffee. Remember I brushed Jayson’s teeth and check bathroom. No coffee. Find cup of cold coffee on the bookshelf. Reheat and repeat at least 4 times. Sounds fun, doesn’t it?! I swear some days that i am losing my mind. I will distinctly remember having keys, coffee, phone or a paper and then take a call or get distracted in some manner and put it down without paying attention. Then I have a really hard time remembereing where it is. I am aware that I do this and if I think about it, will focus on where I put whatever it is down. Unfortunately, I am typically multi-tasking and not aware enough to watch where I put the important item down. Maybe when my kids are older I’ll get my brain back, or maybe at that point dementia will set in and I won’t know the difference.


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