Busy moms, life in general


on April 18, 2012

This one goes out to all of you who have a spouse or S/O that occasionally drives you absolutely crazy. My husband has this attitude which is hard to describe. He thinks that he and his family are these super great people. Which is not to say that they are not, but comments like “We own this place” are not uncommon (meaning they walk in as if they own it, not in the literal sense.). That irritates me. Self-confidence is one thing, being cocky is another.  Anyway, we had to purchase a new vehicle about a month ago. He decided to invite his buddies and their kids to use said vehicle to go to Boston for the Sox game last night. I told him no. I told him his “Stink mobile” was unacceptable for me to use. He cleaned it (somewhat) and Febreezed it, but it still stank like old cigars. He doesn’t smoke around me or the kids, but at work and in his truck AKA the stink mobile. An argument was made regarding who paid for the vehicle and that they would be using it. I don’t allow food or drinks in my new vehicle. He had his boss, the boss’ Dad and a friend plus 3 other kids in the car with him and Megan. I went in this morning and found bottles on every door, chips and chip bags on the back seat as well as a candy bag. It is a disaster. I got furious, not angry, FURIOUS! I went and grabbed said items from my car, opened his door and threw it all on HIS seats. I then picked up every chip off the floor (they were twist cheese doodle-y things) and threw those on the driver’s seat. Maybe it was vindictive, but I have kept my car immaculate, no easy feat with 5 kids, and he trashes it in the course of 1 night. I now have to go vacuum the damn thing AGAIN. I just did on Monday. So he uses the vehicle and I have to clean it. Grrrrrrrr!

On the home front, despite what he says, I now have validation for my belief that he generates big messes. He claims to be clean and tells his Dad and brother that I’m the slob, I don’t clean the house etc., but with him gone I got 5 loads of laundry washed, dried and folded, 2 loads of dishes done, floors swept and mopped and tidied the kitchen and living room. Kiersten and I made a nice ham dinner and even took the little ones to Fun Spot. I bathed Jayson and Anna and had them to bed, a little past bedtime, but not too bad. When he’s here, he sits around watching Netflix or playing Plants vs. Zombies not paying attention while the kids trash the house. I find his sweatshirts, shoes and socks all over the house. Yet I am the slob?! I was up until 1:30 (again) cleaning and waiting for him and Megan to return, yet I was up when HIS alarm went off at 5:45, while he slept. I go to bed between 12:30-1:30 most nights, am up by 6 getting everyone ready. He didn’t get Jayson up after my attempts for 25 minutes did nothing and he said “I’ll just take him to school.”.  Megan missed her bus, Jay said he’d bring her when he brought Jayson. Guess who got to drop off the kids in their pajamas because at 8:35 their husband was still asleep and refused to get up? Mmmhmmmm. Me.

I went to the car, discovered the mess and fumed all the way to the schools and back, dumped it in his car and came in snapping at him. He had a few words for me along the lines of “I haven’t cleaned the car yet” and “Shut Up” and he finally got up. Needless to say he didn’t say goodbye to me and I didn’t really care. What really irks you about your spouse or S/O?


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