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Bad parenting moment.

on April 20, 2012

Ever have a day that starts off in a rush? That was today, well, sort of. I went to check my email and catch up on some Girl Scout business, then check the weather. I usually do this and finish by 6:30 so I can wake Jayson up and get him ready for his bus. Today, I had to get Megan up for her shower (I usually have her do it at night to avoid a mad morning rush), Jay was in the bathroom, so that slowed things up, then I realized I’d not yet gotten Jayson up. Due to his Sensory Integration Disorder, getting up is hard.  Our routine is that if he gets up and dressed, we will play Plants vs Zombies while waiting for the bus. He got dressed and we began to play on his bed. Well, Mommy forgot to bring in his cocoa and meds. Mommy forgot to get his sweatshirt ready and put his shoes on. Suddenly we hear “Beep BEEP!” Uh oh! Sandy the bus driver is here, a few minutes early! We run through the house but can only find one Transformer shoe and one Cars shoe. Jayson, ever the sweetheart says “Mommy, they’re for the right feet, I’ll just wear both of those.” We get outside, it’s a little too chilly for just a t-shirt, so I go into his backpack, no sweatshirt, but there’s a long sleeve shirt. So, I am literally putting his shirt on as he is climbing onto the bus. Sheesh! I had to call the school, tell his teacher he’ll need a morning med and oh, by the way, his shoes are unmatched on purpose because we couldn’t find two that were alike. Great mom!

Plus, I realized I didn’t need to get Megan up so early because she has a Dr.’s appointment in a little bit and is going into school late. Ooopsies! Now she’s grumping around the kitchen complaining. I guess it’s ok though because she still isn’t ready; she’s not had breakfast, she’s still making it, she has no socks or shoes on and her hair is soaking wet and unbrushed. She will be ready just in time to go to the Dr. I still need to shower and dress and get the baby up and ready too. We will be rushed for sure.

I hate days that start like this, they always leave this lingering residue of bad ju-ju for the rest of the day. I guess I’d better go before we run any later.

Got any bad parenting moments to share? Leave a kid somewhere? Forget to put a diaper on them? Please share! I can’t be alone in my plight.


2 responses to “Bad parenting moment.

  1. milinvt says:

    I was the perfect mother … NOT …. It was either Geoff or Jay when still a squirt. I was carrying a bowl of just made very hot (temp) chili, my favorite and the squirt said or did something very squirty and I reached out to swat his behind good and proper. Well my chili bowl hand hit the counter corner and it went flying. But the fact that my only can of chili now lay splattered all over me, the counter and the floor, and the bowl was broken, was NOTHING compared to the little squirt standing just out of reach in the doorway singing, “Nah nah nah nah nah, you MISSED me!”

  2. momometer says:

    That definitely sounds more like a Geoff to me! LOL They were lucky hot chili didn’t burn them.

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