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The perfect exercise

on April 24, 2012

Sunday we awoke to rainy skies and cooler temps. Luckily I knew this was the forecast and developed a plan to stay sane and occupy the kids (and the husband so he wouldn’t build any more shelves in the house!), we were going to a Bouncy House place. Not where they sell them, but a warehouse sized space complete with 5 different types of bouncy house structures; there was a traditional one, with 2 basketball hoops and play balls to throw, a double slide which you had to pull yourself up a wall with handles and footholds to get up to, an obstacle course type one with 2 slides and 2 for smaller kids. Of course, Anna was too small to go on the big ones alone, but refused the little ones, so not only did I get a workout pulling my own hefty weight up the wall, but had Anna in my left arm and did it one handed! Jayson was super fast, so I also had to keep up with him, no easy feat. I was sweating about 10 minutes in. I’m sure I bounced and jiggled as much as the houses did, but it was so much fun I didn’t notice or care. Those places really bring out the kid in you. I think this is more proof to the theories that 1) playing like a kid can get you in shape and 2) working out isn’t a chore when it’s fun.  It wasn’t super expensive ($10 for kids, $8 for sibs, parents bounce free with their kid) and it was a 2 hour session. Definitely a workout, but one of the most fun ever! If I had to do that everyday, I’d be svelte by summer! It’s funny too, I remember going in bouncy houses as a child and being unable to stay on my feet, people would bounce and I’d fall over (I was always ever so graceful *snicker*), but Jayson had no problem. I tried to get pics of it, but every Jayson pic is just this blurry blob, but we did get some videos on our cell phones. It was perfect to get rid of some of that ADHD energy while getting what he needs for his Sensory Integration Disorder. What a win-win! He was really well behaved the whole time and said it was the best day! I think that when we ever buy a house, I want a room that is just a bouncy house/trampoline room. Maybe my husband can build an addition just for that. Then all my friends can come over and play! 🙂

Jayson’s super funny. I wanted to get him these croc type shoes for gardening with Grampa, and he picked his own. Purple. I don’t care, Jay looked at me and asked what I was thinking. I told him I offered Jayson black ones, but he wanted purple. He is really into gardening this year. He has loved picking fresh veggies in Grampa’s garden for years, but REALLY wants to grow things this year. He had me buy pumpkin seeds and late May, Grampa said Jayson will be able to plant the seeds. We are attempting to grow some green peppers in containers. Th I just planted the seeds over the weekend as well as parsely, snapdragons, morning glories, cut flower mix and hummingbird mix. We usually do a flower box “garden” on our porch, but did not last year. I sure hope Jayson’s peppers come up! We planted 18! LOL Jay tried to tell me that I didn’t need much, but I bought about 20 seed packets. I ran out of seed starting pods and have about 10 ppackets left, including some that are still partially full. My catnip is doing well in the window, my brother had given that to me over the winter and the cat has enjoyed fresh catnip as well as the dried Jayson got her at the health food store. Odd fact; some “relaxing” herbal teas list catnip in their ingredients!  Who knew?! Catnip…for humans! Maybe it will make us crazy and want to chase string…hey it would be exercise!


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