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This all seems familiar

on April 25, 2012

I had a meeting today for Jayson with someone from one of his preschool classes. She was asking how things at the public school were going regarding Jayson and asked if she could attend our team meeting next week (I have been unsuccessfully trying to get him on a 504 educational plan). I then commented about how I am going to make a call to a local agency and see if Anna should be checked for Sensory Integration Disorder. After the woman left, I figured there was no time like the present and I went and called. There was no answer, so I left a message with the person I thought I was supposed to contact. Within a short amount of time, I got a call back from someone else. After explaining that my son has SID and just mentioning a few things I noted in Anna, I was interrupted “Excuse me, I think we should make an appointment.” Wow, that wasn’t even the 1/2 of it! Things like Jayson, where loud, unexpected noises cause her to scream or cry. The fact that she hasn’t had fruit or veggies for 7 months except bananas    and only if they aren’t yet ripe, but firm. Perhaps that she hates anything wet (other than water) or sticky on her fingers and will cry until they are clean and that certain pants and shirts will cause her to have a fit and pull, or attempt to pull them off. Like Jayson she prefers to be naked. This all sounds vaguely familiar…except that Jayson doesn’t seem to have as many tactile issues, his are mostly auditory.

So next week, on Tuesday I go to the elementary school for Jayson, and Wednesday someone will come to my home, ask lots of questions about Anna and do some assessments. I just hope that if they find an issue, the fact that we are catching it earlier will mean less hardship for her. Jayson is still struggling and has the added issue of ADHD, getting the public school to help is like pulling teeth. He is starting Kindergarten next year and he is still having difficulty with OT which affects his handwriting and has difficulty with social skills due to his auditory SID. I just hope that these meetings bring some kind of results. Wish us luck!


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