Busy moms, life in general


on April 26, 2012

If you exercise and lose weight, is that an exorcism? After all, you are eradicating fat from your body. 🙂 Today we returned to the bouncy place and went in the bounce houses but replaced Jay with Megan this time. The kids all had a super fun time except that Anna was attacked by a vicious little girl repeatedly. She kept running up to Anna and hitting her in the face with a ball and pushing her over on purpose. I know I shouldn’t have gotten angry since the girl had a disability, but still, Anna was 1/2 her size and she kept looking at Anna, then purposefully went up to her and shoved her.

Jayson-isms: I have spent the last week chuckling to myself over Jayson-isms I have heard. Today one such gem was “This is getting ridiculous!”  (pronounced “ridicuwous”) when he tripped and fell over 3 times in a row. Last week, in a store, he had the man behind us chuckling with his saying “That’s not so bad, right Mom?” about a water being $1. At a play area last week, he was pretending the volcano was going to erupt and we had to block up the ship we were on, he shouted to me “Quick! I blocked up that hole, but it won’t hold long. We only have 80-50 minutes left. That’s not a long time!”

He is really obsessed with this game called Plants Vs. Zombies. At the grocery store he saw peppers and said “Mom, doesn’t that pepper look just like the one in Plants VS Zombies?!” We went to Friendly’s for ice cream and he decided to get the “Cone Head” ice cream. “I’m getting the Cone Head ice cream, it looks just like the cone head zombie on Plants VS Zombies!”.

Anna-isms: Then there’s Anna. She has quite a lot to say. Other than her frequent words, cat, dog, woof woof, she signs a few words. Her all time favorite multi-utility word? Da. The significance of the word Da depends on the inflection, volume and intensity of the word. Da could be Jayson, Megan, Kiersten or “That”. Usually when speaking to Jayson, “Da” is screamed, and repeated multiple times. It appears the silly boy doesn’t realize he is being spoken to. How could he not know? LOL “Daaaaauuuhh” while signing for milk means she wants milk. Da or Dahd is Dad. Cat sometimes souinds like Da, so she now says Ditty ditty ditty for cat or kitty. Of course Da screamed in a shrill tone of voice means she is mad or upset about something, generally meaning Jayson has hurt her, or more likely taken one of her toys.

This usually starts a string of Momisms, or Dadisms. We’ll talk about those another day.


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