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on April 29, 2012

Wow! What a crazy weekend! It will continue throughout the week as well. First off, the cat’s eye looked really strange the other day…almost orange colored iris with her usual yellowy-green color not really showing up…took her to the vet and found out her lend of her eye is messed up, she has an indfection of the front part of her eye and there’s blood behind the eye. She is currently on 2 eye-drop medications and an antibiotic, which happens to smell like bananas. Weird. You’d think it would be tuna or shrimp flavored. Huh. Anyway, she goes for a re-check in a few days and hopefully it works. If not, we have to drive to the seacoast to bring her to an animal opthamologist to get an ultrasound of her eye. Considering it was $30 for them to put 2 drops of fluorescent dye on her eye and shine a light on it looking for scratches, I assume the opthamologist won’t be cheap. Megan said “Do they have Cat insurance like kid insurance?” Bless her little heart! Needless to say, that was an expensive appointment and I hope she gets well soon! Keeping her in is like trying to catch water in a sieve and she has to stay in for a full week!

Chloe's left eye has the problem. See how it doesn't even reflect the light? It's way more disturbing up close, but she won't let me near her after all those eye drops!

So to make her feel better and help her relax, I am giving her "catnip therapy". Sometimes I get fresh leaves off the plant, other times, I give her dried catnip.

We will be having a yard-sale in a few weeks, so I had Kiersten go through her things. Mind you, this girl is very sentimental and also a pack-rat. There have been boxes of toys in the basement for 3 or more years that she hasn’t seen, but she HAS to keep all of it! Ugh! She actually cried and threw a fit 2 years ago about a fleece jacket her Dad bought her back in 2001. It was a bit big, but she wore it, then it was too small and she wore it. The sleeves looked like they were 3/4 length and it looked like a cropped waist jacket so I told her to pass it down to Megan. You would have thought the world was ending! She took it to her Dad’s and he couldn’t convince her wither, so it was hung on her wall. Seriously?! You’re going to hang it on a WALL?! God forbid someone else get any use out of it! Needless to say, it is extremely difficult to get her to part with anything and she is messy and refuses to clean up after herself. I was pleasntly surprised this weekend that she actually got rid of things. Of course, my house still has remnants of her “cleaning” in every room of the house as well as the basement, but you’ve got to pick your battles.

It wasn’t all just chores this weekend, we watched some movies, went swimming at a local hotel’s pool, went out to eat, played Just Dance 3 on the Wii, well, the girls did, I didn’t, and had some laughs. It was nice. Kiersten shared with me that she is appluying to several boarding schools in England! She is applying for scholarships and with her grades, she’s bound to get some. This program wouldn’t happen until Freshman year though, so it’s early. I am glad she has such pluck as to go for her dreams!

Exercise-wise, I did lots of lifting, stair climbing and swimming this weekend. I felt pretty good and have been exhausted at days end. I got Jayson to agree to do Just Dance 3 on the Wii with me tomorrow after everyone is gone to school. I told him I need his help so I can stop being, as he calls me, “a fatty pie”. He said ok. LOL I am hoping with warmer weather coming soon we can resume our nightly walks that we used to do. Things like that are easier this time of year since kids activities are winding down and it stays light out longer. I’d love to know any tips anyone has for keeping active throughout the school year when you are strapped for time and live in a cold climate! I am not a winter sports person, but would love to try snowshoeing! Other than that, I’m not really sure what I can do that the kids could tolerate. (The only way I can really do anything is with the kids since I don’t have any sitter.)

Gearing up for a heavy appointment week, I forgot that in addition to Jayson’s 504 meeting on Tues, I have his appointment with the child development clinic for a re-evaluation on Thursday, and Anna has her testing on Wednesday. We have our usual appointments as well, and we have our Girl Scout meeting. Which reminds me…I need to remind the girls they need to make and bring in desserts for our Simple Meals badge! Dance, allergy shots, birthday parties, school (both the kids and me), Dr.’s appointments, vet appointments, I am living in my car! Maybe I should get a bunch of TENS equipment, you know, those little machines that make your muscles contract? Maybe I should get those, attach them to my glutes, thighs and stomach and get a “workout” while I drive! I could put them strategically on my face and neck too, I’d look super happy and get rid of my extra chin flap! If only it were that easy! Remember to send me any tips!


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