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on May 1, 2012

I’ll start off wishing my husband a Happy Birthday! Although he doesn’t actually READ my blog because, well, I never told him I have one. So to wish him a lovely day, I accidentally dropped an entire thermos full of Spaghettios all over the table, chair, white chair cushion and floor. Then I told him I was running late for Jayson’s meeting and needed him to clean it up. Um, Happy Birthday?

The day was not off to a good start for any of us. I turned off my alarm and continued my bizarre dream, then awoke right before the conclusion to realize it was 7am! I wake Jay “GET UP! WE OVERSLEPT!”     a la Home Alone, noticed that Jayson and Anna were in bed with us, told him to get Jayson up while I got him clothes. I woke Megan up, told her to get into the shower and came back with clothes for Jayson. He barely made it to the bus, and made the driver late because I needed to give him his meds.Megan got out to get to her homework which she was too distraught to do last night because of bad grade drama, and I jumped into the shower. After dressing, the lunch mishap happened and I needed to make a quick PB and fluff sandwich substitute for Megan’s lunch. Scrambled to get to the meeting and drop Megan off for breakfast at school (she usually eats here and takes the bus, but to get her HW done, I told her to skip breakfast here and eat at school). Not an ideal way to start the day. Megan and I were grumpy, she was sassy and snappy and I commented to Jay something about knowing why some species eat their young… Yeah, it’s been that kind of day. I am hoping all the bad is gone from it and the rest will be smooth sailing.

Got some more info on Jayson and was told he may need “a few minor adaptations in Kindergarten” but that he will be successful. It’s not that I want something to be wrong with him, but they make it sound like all is normal and he is a perfect student. He is exceedingly bright (not just my opinion, stated by all who test or observe him), but there are things, like the auditory issues, that do make him different. I will get him re-assessed at the child development clinic in a couple of days and then we have the Kindergarten screening which will hopefully give more data and clarify for the school what he needs as far as accommodations. I think they may find it is more than their original assumption. We shall see.

I was getting Anna’s breakfast today and like any toddler, she is quite adept at using technology already. She got the Wii-mote and put a show on. She was trying for Wonderpets, but had something adult on. I clicked the back button “Love and other Disasters”, nothing I’ve heard of…click back again “Gay and Lesbian movies”…um, ok. Let’s stick with Kids shows. I love how she randomly scrolls through and clicks God only knows what. She does things like that with my phone too. She’ll hand it to me stating “Bee-bee” which means she wants videos or pictures of a baby, namely her. I will get to it and give it to her, I’ll hear several video clips, then she will come to me whining. Next thing I know I am looking at my phone and she has activated features or apps I have never heard of, much less known were on my phone. I couldn’t find them again if I looked. So, now she is settled in watching an episode of Wonderpets while I type.

Here’s a cat update: she is still taking all her meds and goes in for eval tomorrow. Her eye is not 100%, but looks much better! It’s mostly green again and not swollen-looking anymore. Thank goodness! I’m having my husband bring her in for her appointment, hopefully he will ask the questions I have. I’ll write them down, who knows if he’ll remember to look at them and ask!

I have a happy announcement to make. I got on the scale this morning because my pants are kind of loose today. I lost 3 1/2 pounds! I know that’s not a lot, but I am happy to lose any weight I can. It’s all from playing with the kids. I ran around the playground with Jayson yesterday. We were chasing each other and I had to stop and catch my breath because I was laughing like a lunatic while running. Ever see something that just strikes you as funny and you cannot stop your uncontrollable laughter? That was me yesterday, I looked back and there’s Jayson with this huge toothy grin on his face, laughing hysterically as he chases me, which made me laugh…you get the picture. The way I see it, I had a mixed cardio and ab workout. Talk about multi-tasking! 🙂 I don’t count calories because I cannot figure out, plus I know I never measure out the amounts. I think if I just eat healthier foods and exercise by playing with my kids, I’ll be healthier and lose weight. It’s working so far and that is something to be happy about!


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