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Not so good news…

on May 3, 2012

My cat just might end up as a pirate. One-eyed with a patch. Well, not sure about the patch, but the vet said it isn’t looking good for her eye. In fact, he thinks it’s either uncontrolled glaucoma or a tumor. The white of her eye is still red, there’s still blood behind it and she has two bulges on the lower part of her eye. My husband says he’s not spending over $1000 to get her eye removed and says we ought to think about putting her down if this doesn’t resolve itself. I disagree. To me, pets are like family, and we wouldn’t put one of the kids down. If it’s a tumor and removing the eye wouldn’t save her, then I agree, we may have to consider that, but if other than the eye she is healthy and would live a long life, then I say we do it. I know not everyone feels this way and this isn’t meant to offend anyone. I also, in my own neurotic little way, think “What if in her head she’s screaming, ‘Don’t kill me!’ as we have her put down? Isn’t that cruel? Who are we to play God?” but then another part of me says “If she’s suffering, wouldn’t it be cruel to make her live in pain?” I just don’t know. So I’m hoping and praying that she will have a miraculous recovery and it will all be a moot point. (Back to that river in Egypt!) BTW, did you know it is National Hug Your Cat Day? I tried, it looked a lot like the scene where Pepe Le Peu tries to kiss the female cat and she struggles and runs off, actually, it looked just like that except hugging was involved, not kissing.

Speaking of pets, I’m hoping not to kill this hermit crab. My son loves hermit crabs, so we got 3 medium ones last year whom he named Bash, Dash and Ferdinand after the logging locos on Thomas’ Misty Island Adventure. Poor Dash was the first to go after he molted, which is apparently a very stressful time for them. He had moved into a bigger shell, but it wasn’t a good fit or something because he came out less than 24 hours later. Apparently the tank wasn’t humid enough and he died. 😦 So, I read more info, got it more humid, got a warming lamp and a new crab, Stewie, who dwarfed the others. Bash got stressed out, dropped all his legs except the claws and buried himself, where he then died. Ferdinand seemed to love Stewie and would pal around with him and even climb on his back. It was cute. Then he disappeared. I went digging around after a couple of weeks, found dead Bash, and found Ferdinand who had apparently been somewhere in the molting process. My digging him up caused him stress and he died despite my efforts to save him. Now Stewie has been moping for months and buried himself last week. Not learning my lesson, I dug him up, saw that he was ok, then left him alone. He reburied himself the other day and I’m going against my natural inclination to find him. I h=just get scared after a while and think they’re dead and dig them up. Anyone out there familiar with hermit crabs? I have another issue, it’s either not humid enough, or, now it’s in the right range of 80% humidity and 75-90 degrees F, and there’s mold growing on the wooden climbing log and the food rots before bedtime! I’d be glad for any feedback. I was also thinking my general random thoughts the other day and wondered, do hermit crabs know if they are a boy or girl? Do they care? I know they don’t breed in captivity, but I wonder, do they hang out and know which is which? We named him Stewie, but he could be a she. There’s no way to tell.

I posted the other day about having lost some weight and I have to say I have had more energy. I don’t think it’s from losing a mere 3 1/2 lbs, but think exercising and just moving is helping. The past few days it’s been rainy so my main source of exercise has been cleaning the house and chasing the kids. I think I should buy a pedometer and keep track of all the steps I take in a day and increase that. It would give me some tangible thing to keep track of. I know I read in Redbook magazine a year or so ago that certain housework burns so many calories. I wonder what the stats are on that. 🙂

I have been on a “healthy(er)” food kick of late. My FAVORITE has been these smoothies I found on this Index of Recipes website: It tastes like a chocolate banana shake and I’m not one for chocolate ice cream or shakes. Here at the house, the kids and I call it “a little taste of heaven”. I went to a grocery store the other week and bought 8 bunches of old bananas, brought them home, peeled them, cut them in half and froze them in freezer bags just to have on hand for these and other smoothies. My quick go to smoothie is putting 2-4 oz of juice, lots of frozen berries with peaches or bananas, adding vanilla or strawberry fat-free yogurt and blending ’til smooth. Delish! I think I’ll be in the market for a new blender soon though, it was making some funny noises tonight as I made my smoothies!

Speaking of new gadgets, I broke down and bought my husband a Keurig for his birthday. We were tired of the mess our other coffee pot was making. It was pretty cool; you set up the coffee pot the night before and woke up to coffee! It had this push button you pressed your cup against to pour, but it began dribbling all down the front of the coffee maker, the cup, the cabinet doors and the floor. I think we have a permanent coffee stain there now. Our counter ALWAYS had coffee all under the pot. I was cleaning up there all the time. We like the coffee we buy, right now we have Green Mountain Eggnog coffee (yummy!) and my Maxwell House half caff. I found you can buy this little reusable filter for the Keurig, so I did. So far, the only problems I have are 1) where to dump the grounds? They stick in the basket and are hard to throw out so I have been washing them down the sink, 2) how to clean the reusable filter. It seems to be very delicate and there’s ALWAYS coffee stuck to it. If anyone has used this and knows a trick, it would be helpful! Other than that, that machine makes a FINE cup of coffee! 🙂

I’m off to torture the cat with her bedtime dose of antibiotics and eye drops. I will keep you updated.



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