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Exercise CAN be fun!

on May 4, 2012

Who needs sweating to the oldies when you can sweat to the 80’s?! I found actual workouts on Just Dance 3, before I was just dancing to the regular songs. This gives a routine for you to follow and you can pick the type of music you want, it was FUN! Mind you, I am horribly uncoordinated, so I am sure I looked like a fool, but that’s why I do it in the privacy of my own home, so I can dance and be crazy and silly and not be judged. My 20 month old sat on her rocking cow (yes, I said cow) and watched the videos bopping her head to the music. She has such good taste. 🙂 Maybe as time goes on I will actually know the routines, get more coordinated and look like they do on the videos. Or I will look like a baboon swinging my arms and legs around in an uncoordinated fashion, either way, it’s fun and I am finding I feel better and have more energy. What took me so long to do this?

Does anyone have any fun suggestions to share for exercising?


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