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I decided to ta…

on May 6, 2012

I decided to take a break from my schoolwork to write. I met up with my BFF and an old friend from elementary school last night. She commented on how we were all the same as when we were kids. Looks wise, we were all a bit older and heavier looking, but were essentially the same as those 3 young girls who knew each other way back when. It got me thinking,  were we very different personality-wise now than as children? My answer is yes…and no. I think our experiences have changed us in some ways. Had we all remained close, would we have had different outcomes? I think our essential beings or personalities as they were are essentially the same. I think there are innate characteristics to us that we can mature, but not be rid of.

It’s funny when you see someone from your past. In your mind, they are frozen in time as you knew them. Sometimes in real life when you meet again, they are in fact, much as you last saw them. Other times, not so much. I remember a few years ago meeting back up with an old boyfriend and catching up. It was SO strange! I couldn’t wrap my mind around the difference between the boy I knew and the man before me. In some ways he was very much the same, in others, it was like meeting a stranger. The juxtaposition of these warring traits made my head spin. So, in my mind, I choose to remember the sweet, dear boy I once dated. 🙂 It’s so much less complicated and I never see him anyway, so there’s no need to hurt my poor brain trying.Then there are times when meeting people from your past is disappointing. You have exalted them up on some pedestal in your mind, so when you meet again, it’s kind of a letdown.

There is much research stating that smell plays a huge part in memories and emotions, and I agree. I opened a bag of speckled jelly beans today and got a whiff of the sweet candy smell and was suddenly transported to Easter at my Gram’s house. It helps that it is hot out today and the memory which I had was of similar weather. I have a candle that smells “like Christmas” to me, and the smell of a struck match always evokes cozy winter feelings in me. The smell of books makes me think of libraries and my father, baby powder makes me think of my mother strangely enough. I wonder if tastes make memories as well? I ate maple brown sugar oatmeal the other day and it evoked after shoveling breakfasts at home with my Dad. After all, smell and taste are closely linked senses. Ever eaten a food and had a memory come rushing back about a place you’d been? French onion soup always makes me think of my Uncle Tom and the High 5 restaurant.

What are your thoughts on the smell/taste/memory theory? Have any memories associated with smell that you care to share?


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