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Never let a kid navigate…

on May 8, 2012

Yesterday’s exercise was done at a school playground. I got the old heart pumping by pushing the kids on swings, merry-go-rounds and built up a sweat by hiking a little trail in the woods. I only had 2 of the kids for the hike, Megan and Jayson, while Jay stayed at the swings with Anna. It all started out well, but not being a botanist, I wasn’t sure if there was poison ivy in there or not and warned the kids to stay on the path “Leaves of 3, let them be.” I saw some clusters of leaves that looked like 3 and were shiny and saw some other leafy things on the ground with red berries. I was afraid that was poison oak like we have in our yard and all developed a nasty case of a few summers ago. Funny, I never know if “leaves of 3” means 3 leaves in a cluster, 3 leaves on the plant…so basically, anything leafy, I avoid. Anyway, we saw where the path began and it came back out onto the playground, the path didn’t look too long, so I figured it would be quick and short. It wasn’t LONG, but not as short as I’d supposed. First, Jayson needed a walking stick, which I found. Then, Megan needed a walking stick, whereas Jayson said “Perfect!”, Megan complained (surprise, surprise) “That one’s a little TOO big. That one’s okay. Can you break these little pieces off?” “No, it’s too hard.” “Mom, this stick is kinda dirty.” “Megan, it’s a stick. Off the ground. It is going to be a little dirty. Deal with it.” Then we came to the mud, thick black gooey looking mud. We had to go into the green things to avoid it. Megan piped up “I sure hope this isn’t poison ivy. I think when we get home you’d better wash our shoes.” My look silenced her musings on the shoes. We walked on fairly amiably after that, but, no longer holding my hand, Jayson began to slow down. After the 5th time waiting for him, I made him hold my hand again. Then we came to a crossroads. I saw the school to my right and began heading that way. Megan yelled “No Mom! This way! That path leads to the wrong side of the school, this way leads to the other side.” Fool that I am, I followed her, up hills, down hills, she threw her walking stick and charged downhill  into…nothingness. We could see the hospital not too far away. Hmmmm, the hospital isn’t visible from the school. The we spotted it, the biggest wild turkey I have ever seen. I was beginning to wonder whether it was a turkey or an emu from the size of the body, not the height. Of course, because my brother resides in my head from time to time, I threw out a turkey gobble which sent it running up the hill. Jayson decided to pursue it, so I ran after him. He wanted to continue, but I saw no path and discovered houses and yards. I told Megan we were going to have to back-track. She began complaining about her shoe inserts, to which I reminded her that we would already be back had she not insisted we go this way. She began grumbling and looking for her walking stick. Jayson, who was wearing his beloved purple crocs, kept having his shoes fall off or fill with dried pine needles, so I gave him a piggyback. Up the hills, down the hills with 44 pounds of writhing boy on my back, who thought it was fun poking his chin into my spine, shoulders, the back of my head. “Please stop.” “You’re making me do this Mom.” “No, you are doing it on purpose. I’m not making you bounce up and down.” “Yes you are. I can’t help it.” “I am putting you down if you don’t stop.” It finally stopped. As we approach, Megan pipes up “See Mom, I TOLD you we should have gone this way. But nooooo, you had to drag us onto the wrong path.” She got The Look. We climbed over a downed tree and back into the civilized world of swing-sets, slides and young children giggling. I was sweating and unloaded my son onto the ground. Phew!

That would have been a great workout had I not spoiled it by stopping at the store and getting an ice cream cone, followed by a dinner of cheeseburgers (made at home on the grill at least), green beans and poutine. What’s poutine you ask? Only a most delicious Canadian dish of steak fries covered in drizzles of chicken gravy topped with cheese curds. Yeah, there went any calories I burned. C’est la vie! There’s always another day.

My workout today will consist of marathon bucket hauling (to the basement), speed vacuuming, laundry relay, timed dish washing, advanced bathroom cleaning and mega-mopping. That should burn quite a few calories! This message has been fueled by caffeine, helping mom’s multitask since 1943. (I don’t know why I chose 1943, there’s really no significance to the date.)  🙂  Enjoy your day all!


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