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Rolling stones grow no moss

on May 10, 2012

I guess I am moss free! These past 2 weeks have been a whirlwind of appointments for the kids and the cat.

I have been to the schools, I have been to the child development clinic, I have been to the Dr’s office for kid ailments from illnesses to bunions (yes, one of my kids has the beginning of a bunion, no she has never worn jeels, she just has “kidney bean shaped feet”) and physicals, I have been to the vet for the cat and had several phone calls to and from them (actually waiting on one right now). The results? Jayson has improved since last year in speech and in his anxiety and is doing better on his ADHD medication, although the recommendation is to go up for maximum benefit, the school feels he needs no 504 plan and is ready for Kindergarten. The kid with the bunions required shoe inserts. Anna had an intake appointment where, lo and behold, they said she definitely had sensory issues and we scheduled developmental testing for next week. The cat has to have the eye removed, the husband refuses to pay the amount to have it done and wants the cat euthanized. I am against this. Maybe it’s because I don’t have all the facts he got, so I have called and will be asking questions. The cat is only 2 months younger than Jayson, she’s still a kitten!

School work is steadily increasing, if I were to make one of those graphs that shows cause and effect, it would have school work on one axis and the amount of coffee consumed on the other and both would show a sharp increase. I don’t feel this is quite as bad of a workload as last term, but it is a lot.

There may be no moss growing on me, but there is lots of growing going on! My kids are shooting up like weeds, and there’s something in the air that has spurred another double doctor’s visit for tomorrow. It may be pollen, mold, mildew or a combo, but the kids and I have had runny stuffy noses and itchy, watery eyes for 2-3 weeks now. Poor Jayson had to hold an ice pack on his eye for an hour at school the other day it got so puffy and his OTC allergy meds don’t seem to do much.

Other things that are growing? Our plants! The corn is getting taller every day, we now have 18 pepper shoots, a bunch of parsely and many of the flowers grew and I’ll need to be transplanting soon (in many cases, they are beyond the point where they should have been transferred). Last weekend the kids went to a b-day party and planted flowers, they have already sprouted and begun growing. It’s like a greenhhouse in here! I am hoping that the frost danger is past and I can safely plant my little darlings outside without fear of death coming for them.

Anyone have tips for getting to bed earlier that don’t include letting the house fall down around your ears? I could use some!


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