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It’s a rainy day, I’ve lots to say!

on May 14, 2012

For starters, Happy Mother’s Day, a bit belatedly, to all you fabulous moms out there! I hope everyone had a great day and were appreciated by your offspring. My day started out well, but snowballed out of control as the day wore on.  Let’s just say, for the Cliff notes version, my kids fought worse than usual, I got yelled at multiple times by said kids, we were late seeing Gram and late dropping off the 2 eldest to my ex. After he let me keep them longer. I felt bad. The highlight of my day was seeing my Gram, Dad and niece. Oh, and my Gram LOVED the chocolates I got her. She has developed QUITE the sweet-tooth these past few years. I never saw my own mother, she and my Nana (her mom) had already left my Grams. I had tried to call her and succeeded on the 3rd attempt. That woman never answers the phone!

Another thing that was distressing about my day was my diet. I ate this cake that probably had more calories than I dare to know. It was homemade by my daughter and husband, it looked like a butter and brown sugar and maybe coconut topping was melted onto it as well as bits of candy bar and white chocolate chips. I had no fruits or veggies all day. I feel crummy today. It’s funny how I could go without healthy food for a day and be OK, but now, I feel totally crummy without fruits and veggies. I never got to exercise either. Granted, Saturday’s yard sale had me hauling boxes up and down stairs, on my feet for much of the day and loading stuff up for Goodwill, but I had no “real” exercise and yesterday I got none at all. Another make-me- feel-crummy factor.

Speaking of the yard sale, some people are CRAZY! This one woman came up to me and fished money out of her BRA! She was kind of juggling her breasts around and said “I’m not playing with myself I’m looking for my money. Oh, there’s my phone…” she later defended her actions by saying that safety courses now encourage women to put their phone in their bra because if they are attacked or mugged, no one would look there and they could call for help. I’m sorry, money is dirty, so to have it on your skin?! Yuck! To receive money fished out of someone’s bra, equally yuck!

With warm weather coming, I have been trying to figure out summer plans. A friend just started a blog at  about camping and her friend’s business It reminded me that we are needing to plan our yearly camping trip. Last year we were unable to go due to some flooding. I need to call and make sure they are opening this year (their bridge was washed away last year and you couldn’t get in or out of the campground). We really rough it camping…we use a tent, my hubby and I got an air mattress the last time we went camping though because I was 8 months pregnant and didn’t sleep at all the first night due to my belly and not being able to be in a good position. We also bring along a mini-fridge. Last time we included a trailer that had a microwave as well. Yeah, I’m really not the “roughing it” type. Essential needs for me to camp are an actual bathroom with showers, toilets, the whole running water thing and our site needs electricity and water. Last time I thought there was a bear at our site, but it was just a skunk and an opossum. Scary! Esp. sincce some of the kids were in a seperate tent. EEEK!

Then I just had some random thoughts today. One was while typing. My son was watching an old Transformers cartoon from the 80’s and one of them mentioned “Bobbysocks”. LOL Wow! Haven’t heard that term in forever! Whatever happened to good old Bobbysocks?

My other thought was that I need to disconnect. Or maybe reconnect? I don’t know which, but I am so stressed out from all this running around, the constant work, the lack of time to spend with my husband, school, commitments etc. I just need a break from it all. Remember those old Calgon bubble bath commercials? “Calgon, take me away!” and off they’d be transported? It’s kind of like that.


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  1. momometer says:

    Oh, my friend just got a blog too! It is Hope you check it out!

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