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Things are really growing…

on May 15, 2012

Plants, Children…they are growing and fast! My oldest son is 5’9″, a mere 1/2″ shorter than me and my oldest daughter is about the same, maybe 5’8″ or so! Mind you, she is 13 and has lots of growing left to do! What made me think of this was our Mother’s Day visit to my Gram. She was amazed at how tall they were and kept having them stand next to her to marvel at how they were almost her height. We are tall people, my Dad’s family, for the most part. My dad is the “runt” of the family at 5’9″,Gram is 5’10”, pretty tall for a woman, esp. at her age. She is almost 85 and hasn’t lost any height. Pretty impressive!

As for our plants, they too have taken off in growth. I just posted some pictures of them (my post disappeared strangely enough, so I am having to rewrite it). Jayson now has 20 pepper plants, I say they are his, not because he planted them, but because he will be the one to eat them. Anna’s corn and sunflowers get taller every day. The thing that amazes me is that all the flowers and plants we have were grown from seeds! I am wondering when to move them onto the deck in the planters. Many of the flowers are too big for the pods I began them in and are drooping. We had a frost last week, but I’m not sure if that affects plants not in the actual ground. The other thing is that the deck doesn’t get as much sun as my kitchen. I have had success with plants there before, but my husband doesn’t think I will this time for some reason, at least with the peppers. I may just transplant them to a bigger pot and keep them in the kitchen. Does anyone know how big pepper plants get? I sort of tried this as an experiment to see if they would indeed grow and produce peppers. I saw online that they could be grown in containers and it claimed they could. Maybe our grocery bill will go down a bit…Jayson eats a LOT of peppers, as if they were apples. He bites right into them and eats them leaving a pile of seeds and a pepper top in his wake.

Please share your growing expertise or stories with me!

Anna’s corn and sunflowers.


More flowers…

Jayson’s peppers

Close up of Jayson’s peppers


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