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Stop and smell the…rhododendrons

on May 22, 2012

Yesterday started out sunny and warm, so I decided to take my two youngest out for a walk to the library, knowing there would be plenty to see along the way. We walked through the park, down by the river to see if we could find any fish. A nice man fishing off the bridge pointed out a huge salmon, a sucker fish  and some little whatevers that were released into the river recently (he couldn’t recall what type of fish they were). There were about half a dozen people fishing off the bridge, lines crossing in the current. You could see the disinterested, or perhaps wizened fish below the surface. I’m no great fisherman, I hate to impale poor worms, so I use mini-marshmallows which apparently only sunfish are dumb enough to go after, but I thought early morning and evenings were the best times to fish? After that, we moved on after a struggle with Anna to return her to her stroller. We went into the library, found some books that interested us as well as some kids movies and prepared to leave. I know Jayson loves his “secret garden” at the library, so we stopped there first. Right now there were only a few things blooming; the last 2 tulips, some rhododendrons and purple and white violets. The purple lilacs were already past their prime, and many others have not yet begun to bloom. We did see buds on a peony plant, I didn’t realize they had peonies, and will be sure to visit when those bloom! I stood for a moment, traffic faded in the background and heard birds chirping, saw butterflies flutter by, Jayson playing on a bench, Anna having a snack and for a moment, all was right in the world. Then cars pulled up, a semi’s brakes hissed, the moment was gone. We left, walking through downtown, Jayson asking if he could have a treat since he was so good and I agreed. We went into a store and he chose a honey bun of all things.We strolled leisurely while he ate, returning home to rest for a little bit before he had to go to preschool. Somehow, it was just what we needed.

The rest of the day was a whirlwind of drop offs, pick ups, appointments and a last minute (for us finding out from Kiersten) track event in a neighboring town. We returned very late, except for Jayson who went fishing with the new pole I got him as an early birthday present. Dinner was late, kids went to bed unbathed, it was like an early hint of how summer days will be. At this point, I am ready for the break, ready for schedules to be tossed out the window, spontanaeity to be the rule rather than the exception. Of course, being a plans kind of girl, I am ready when school begins to return to all things orderly, but to me, summer is about letting kids be kids and each day having the potential to be an adventure.


One response to “Stop and smell the…rhododendrons

  1. Genie says:

    You were right, I do like your latest post. I love secret gardens.

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