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Memorial Day

on May 29, 2012

I had a teachable moment with my son yesterday. We went to the parade and I old him to clap as the people in uniform went by. He asked me why and I told him “These people went to wars to keep us safe. They may have gotten hurt or died, but they did it to keep all of us safe.” Not many people clapped as the vets walked or drove by, many having signs on their vehicles stating which wars they were in. Isn’t this taught as an appropriate practice any more? My point found it’s mark, my son told another person “Do you know they kept us safe?” I hope he never knows the horrors of war, except through a textbook.

We had quite a celebratory weekend! My son turns 5 this week, and to accommodate his sibs that don’t live with us F/T, we had his party over the weekend. We went to his favorite place, the bouncy house, he had 2 friends with him, his Nana came in from out of state, he got the Oreo Cookie ice cream cake he wanted and he got lovely gifts. One of which was a 2 wheel bike with training wheels which he wanted. Funny, it wasn’t the hit I thought it would be. It may be it was the last gift and he was overwhelmed, but Nana got the favorite gift award for his birthday…a croquet set! “I ALWAYS wanted one of these!” he said. This is super funny because Nana’s knit sweater was the winner of the Christmas gifts too. Nana is just on a roll! 🙂 This sweater is so beloved that I literally had to peel it off him to wash it, he wore it multiple days of the week and even in this hot weather (it will be 90 today) he keeps trying to wear it. My guess, I’ll have to keep the A/C on so he can continue to wear it.

Megan was in a dance recital over the weekend. Her first performance was Friday night, but she only did one dance routine of the 3. I guess there were other dance classes that had a similar routine, so they decided to split up the performances they did. Megan slept at her Nana’s Fri night with her Dad and step-mom. She has really bad allergies and didn’t bring her special pillow, so we weren’t too surprised when she came home and her eye was itchy. We WERE surprised when her recital began and her eye was red and oozy by intermission. She got conjunctivitis AKA pink eye. Between shows (we had an hour) I got her into urgent care, got her an RX, got home and ate fast and arrived back i time for the next show. Despite a red eye that was rapidly puffing up, she did an excellent job. She didn’t miss a step even though she told me her eye was driving her to distraction. Way to go Megan!

Then yesterday, we saw the animal lover in Anna come out. We knew she loved cats and dogs, but I have a feeling that her sentiments go for all animals. We went to the farm (my father in law and his girlfriend live there) and she went wild over the horses, petting them, feeding them grass, exclaiming “Woof woof!” every time she saw them. You cannot tell a 20 month old that a horse is not a dog and doesn’t say “woof woof” they have an inability to differentiate and just generalize all animals. Earlier in the day, after the parade, I played outside with the kids. I decided since everything had an inch thick coating of pollen we would have a “car wash” for the stroller and Anna’s riding toys. In true teenage girl fashion, Kiersten incited a water/sponge war with Megan. Kiersten was in her bathing suit, Megan was not. Jayson wanted in on it, but there were only 2 sponges so I distracted him with his new bike. He played with his new croquet set as well. All in all the kids had a great day! The whole weekend was nice, the weather was good and after cleaning the house Friday and Saturday, the rest of the time was spent relaxing and enjoying each other. Welcome summer, though it is the unofficial start, things are winding down…no more dance classes, chorus rehearsals and shows, just gearing up for end of the year ceremonies and hopefully lots of summer fun!


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