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Birth Day

on May 30, 2012

5 years ago today, I was in the hospital being induced with my 4th child, my husband’s 1st. That was an experience! I had never been induced before, and he wasn’t late, but I didn’t want to go into labor and miss my daughter’s preschool graduation. I cannot describe the intense pain I had, and I had given natural birth 3 times prior…this was excruciating! I tried new things that day, the birthing ball, some shot to help with the pain (it did very little), rocking in the rocking chair and walking the halls with a partner who moved pillows on a couch to keep track of how many “laps” we did. It got annoying fast as labor progressed. I tried the whirlpool bath for the 1st time since my 1st child was born. I found that unlike the first time, it helped instead of irritated. I almost gave birth in that tub because the pain was so intense I felt I’d never get up and to the bed. And then he was here! A squalling ball of red baby boy. It would be days before I discovered that the reason he screamed incessantly for days was that his collar bone broke as he came into the world and realized that was why he screamed when it was time to be fed. There was the jaundice scare where we went every day for the first week and a half of his life for blood tests to check his bili levels, there was the RSV he caught (I swear he got that from a doctors visit) and the usual struggles of day to day life with a newborn. Now he is a boy, gaining independence, learning to ride a 2 wheeler, with an intensely funny sense of humor and certainly a mind of his own! He is silly, sweet, funny, kind, strong-willed and I couldn’t ask for more.

Today we celebrate his birth and the solidification of our new little family. It was a joining of the old and new, my oldest 3 kids from my 1st marriage and my new child with my new husband (who technically wasn’t my husband at the time, but is now). The kids love him as intensely as he loves them. He has brought joy, frustration, gladness, and worry with him, and I love every moment of it and cherish him all the more for his uniqueness, problems and all.

Happy 5th birthday little man!


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