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Keeping perspective

on June 11, 2012

Wow! What an incredible weekend! The weather was glorious, the sun shining and I spent it with some of my favorite people, my husband, 2 of my daughters and 1 of my sons. Saturday we went to a local Science Center and learned about, and viewed, some animals native to our area. We capped this off with a lovely picnic on the grounds. Later that evening, while my husband was out watching the Celtics game, I took the little ones for a ride in the bike trailer attached to my sons bike (mine had an unfortunate incident occur last fall that we need to have repaired). We biked maybe a mile or so, my daughter, Kiersten and I, as I towed the little ones behind me.

Sunday, my husband, who accused me of “not working”, even leaving a note on the white board that said “CLEAN: While Jay works, I should work.”, did some cleaning. Granted, I slacked for 2 days while doing a marathon reading session and school work whenever the kids stopped calling my name. The reading was a 3 book series, for pleasure, not school. I admit I slacked, BUT, as I pointed out to him, I am home with the kids, work P/T and go to school F/T. Many people do one, not all 3. He relented and did a marathon chore session himself Sunday! I got to go for another bike ride (on my husband’s new, not yet ridden bike no less!), with just my daughter, Kiersten, stopped for ice cream and just chatted away with her. I returned to mopped floors, a clean deck and less dishes in the sink. It was so nice. We commented on how quickly weekends go by compared to the work week. I also stated that if summer was like this, 82 degrees, with a cool breeze and sunshine, I wouldn’t hate it so. 90 degree temps with humidity in the 70’s or above do not make me happy. Neither do bugs, esp. biting bugs. I seem to overreact to their bites. Gnats and black flies make my eyes swell almost shut when they invariably bite me near the eyes, mosquitoes leave huge welts which form into red spots that stay for up to a week…I hate it! Give me fall weather with beautifully colored, crunchy leaves, or softly falling snowflakes any day! I realize I am in the minority opinion on the whole snow thing.

Mostly I am trying to live in the now. I always seem to be jumping ahead, worrying about tomorrow, or some distant day in the future. I worry constantly about how to pay bills, the kids health and happiness, family, friends…you name it, I worry. I want more days like last weekend, where I am happy doing simple things. Letting tomorrow take care of itself and trying to be more present, well, in the present.

Weight loss has been another thing that I am finding is easier when I don’t think about it. I have only lost a total of maybe 5 lbs or so, but most of it happened when I wasn’t stressing over finding time to work out. I lost 3 1/2 lbs just playing with my kids at the playground, riding bikes and playing on the Wii. Even with still having sweets, and probably more than I should. I am going to try to maintain this, because as summer progresses, we will be swimming, riding our bikes, walking and playing more. We have emerged from our winter’s hibernation fully now and are enjoying the sun-drenched days. Of course, sometimes I hibernate in the summer on those hazy, hot and humid days, hiding away with my asthma and my air conditioner when the air quality is poor, but I have day trips I am planning and fun back-to-basics childhood games to teach my kids. I want to try to enjoy this summer to it’s fullest, play tag, hide and go seek and hopscotch with the kids. Monkey in the middle, badminton and croquet. There is a fair in my husband’s VT hometown that we journey to every year, complete with a parade. The kids love it, there are rides, livestock and games. The first year we went, a tornado hit 1 mile away and I was hunkered on the ground with a baby in my arms (Jayson at the time) praying we wouldn’t get struck by lightning or sucked away. For those of you who don’t know, here in the Northeast, tornadoes are extremely rare and don’t often touch down. Truly a frightening experience, the last several have been tame in comparison.

So I am trying to keep my perspective, this too shall pass and all that. I want to be present in the here and now, to truly enjoy my children, family and friends and try to make those connections before they are just a distant memory leaving me filled with “if-only’s”.


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