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Looking up?

on June 13, 2012

This last week has been full of pleasant surprises as far as school goes. First I had a stellar presentation. I have yet to receive my grade, but we had to first do a WebQuest, which so many peers liked as well as my professor, then I got rave reviews from them on my presentation. Let me rewind a bit, we had to create a Power Point Presentation on our WebQuest. I did mine as if I was explaining to other teachers about what a WebQuest is and why it is a good thing. It doesn’t have many slides, so I was unsure if it was “up to par”, but the feedback I recieved was phenominal! I am not one to toot my own horn, and like many of us, am my own harshest critic, so this really blew me away!

Now I have a school that is local and has 3 positions open. I needed a third letter of recommendation and asked a professor. Just this morning I got the letter and it was GLOWING! I couldn’t believe some of the things she said in there. I even posted on Facebook “I am amazed by other’s perceptions of me. Funny how it’s easier for others to see how well we do when we think we don’t quite “measure up”.” It is so true. I feel that I am a good student, but with phrases like “She has long since become one of the most valuable members of my class, and a role model for her peers.” ?! Really? ME? I feel honored and humbled to receive such praise. With a letter like that, which also touts my skills in similarly glowing terms,  how can I not get a job?! So, last night I polished up my resume, deleting items that seem foolish to have put on there, adding new experiences and typing up a cover letter. The packet sits on my table waiting for me to bring my son to school and drop them off. There are 2 other jobs, further away, but I will send packets to them as well. After all, you never want all your eggs in one basket!

In light of these developments, things are looking up. I am hopeful that I will get good grades on my projects and that I will soon be gainfully employed. Whether it is right up the street, or in a town a little ways away, I need a job and the feeling of accomplishment it brings. I will have time off with my children and will be a better mother because I won’t be so overwhelmed anymore. Fingers and toes crossed, prayers uttered, good vibes coming…and the waiting begins.


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