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It’s gonna be a heat wave…

on June 20, 2012

The windows are shut tight against this foe. Shades will be drawn as soon as the plants get enough sunlight. The A/C is humming. It is the first day of summer and we, in the Northeast, are expecting record-breaking temperatures. 100 degrees and humid. This is why I dislike summer. I am fortunate to live in a state where we see 4 seasons of change, have lakes, mountains and the ocean, but the heat of summer? I can do without it.

Maybe it’s my asthma, which acts up when the humidity rises and causes a poor air quality day. Maybe it’s the fact that you can strip naked, but still have skin and muscle and cannot remove that. Whatever the reason, I have always been more partial to fall and winter. Something about crisp, cool air, bundling up in sweaters, baking comfortably and cozying up appeals to me more than sweltering away all summer. Don’t get me wrong, I love the activities associated with summer; I love going to the beach and playing with the kids in the waves, we go to the lake as well ( I don’t like that so much due to my fear of fish and dislike of mucky bottoms made of dead leaf debris). Hiking is fun, riding our bikes, yard sales, carnivals, parades…like them! Heat and humidity, no. So, I will be hibernating in my cave of frigidity today. We may venture out early in the day to a playground, but will be home well before noon, with no outdoor activities.

On other fronts, I  completed 2 more classes Sunday and got A’s! Summer term started Monday, though I’ve yet to start the work. Weight loss is a joke right now. I keep gaining and losing the same 3 pounds. I need to amp up my efforts or cut back on the ice cream at night. I’ll tell you, it won’t be the ice cream that goes in this weather! 🙂

The kids, oh the kids! Anna has taken to body art, just as Kiersten did when she was little. She also inherited Kiersten’s love of redecorating. The problem? The art and redecorating is with markers. Usually purple, red or blue. Washable marker is a misnomer. It can fade slightly off the body, but even after soaking in a bubble filled bath and being scrubbed, it’s still there. And the walls? Yeah, washing them with a soapy cloth made it fade, but not disappear. I am wondering if vinegar or baking soda will help? Or will I need to go buy more Magic Erasers?

Jayson LOVES the antiques store in town. Yesterday he begged to go, so we did. He does well, asking if he can touch before he does. We have gone there for a year and a half or so and buy something almost every time we go. Yesterday a man working at the store was following us around barking “Don’t touch!” to everything. Funny, there was a man with 2 kids there and he wasn’t bothering them. Jayson was going around and saying “Mom! LOOK! Isn’t that a GREAT DEAL?!” or “Look at this Mom!” Then as we biked back home, he saw another antiques store and a consignment store with some of their wares on the sidewalk, “Hey mom! Look! Clothes! Isn’t that great mom? What a deal!”  How many 5 year olds like antique stores?! And he’s loved it since he was 3 1/2. My mother in law says it must be inherited as she and my husband both liked these things. My son, Tyler, says Jayson is going to be the next host on the Antiques Road show.

Speaking of heat, as if the man in the antique store wasn’t bad enough, we went to Goodwill, Jayson’s other favorite place to buy treasures, and some rude, toothless woman snapped at Jayson “Hey Kid! Move it! GET OUT of the WAY!”. The aisle is wide enough for 2 carts, he was up against a shelving unit and she was walking smack down the middle. I called to her “EXCUSE ME?! You don’t speak to him that way. A simple excuse me works.” She never even turned, just continued on her way smacking her gums. She bumped into some other adults though, I heard them exclaim as she did. Some people have no manners at all. It really steams me.

Keep cool, keep your cool and enjoy the day! I will!


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