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Transplanting day

on June 26, 2012

With the heat wave over, I decided my poor seedlings (?) plant shoots (?) whatever you want to call them needed some new digs…get it? Digs? LOL So they came out of the little plant pods and into planters or pots. I do not like getting dirty and my hands were covered, I even, *GASP* had dirt under my nails. It was worth it though because now my little plants have more room and will be residing on the deck instead of in my kitchen. I will have to see if they have enough sunlight where they are. They weren’t growing very big in the house and I am unsure whether that is becasue they had so little room or if it’s like my mother-in-law said. She thinks there is a coating on the windows that prevents enough light to come in for the plants. I’m not sure because I have another plant in here year round that seems to do ok although it does do better in the summer than in the winter.

Here are some pics:

Trying peppers in a planter.   Trying some peppers in a planter.

Transplanting to the hanging baskets and bigger pots.   Me with some transplants.

One pot of peppers.   Peppers in a pot.

Two pots of peppers.    More peppers in a pot.

Cut flower mix.   Cut flower mix.

Hummingbird mix.   Hummingbird mix.

    Not sure. LOL Thought it was sparsely, but isn’t.  That’s what happens when your daughter switches or removes the label sticks.



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