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Momometer’s musings or Jayson and the beanstalk

on June 27, 2012

So, there are a myriad of topics I want to discuss today. First, totally random, I was onlne last night and remembered hearing something about my local library being haunted. Now, I have a an extermely overactive imagination, so much so, that I was forbidden to watch scary movies as a child. A really scary one, called the Changeling,  had a wheelchair involved and I was petrified (it isn’t really scary). Even as an adult, I “hear” things after watching scary movies and don’t get a wink of sleep. Anyhoo, I decided to google my puplic library and added the word “haunted” to the search. I didn’t get that, but came across a blog, complete with podcasts, about a woman who has done ghost hunting all over the country. (Check it out at ). I am not sure whether or not I believe in ghosts, but swear I have lived in haunted houses in the past. Luckily, I have been in one very unhaunted house for 7 years now. 🙂 I was fascinated by all the stories on there about ghosts, but mostly the history of the places. There was a neat story called “The Ghost Wore Boots” and it was in 4 episodes. IDK what got me off on that topic, but I thought it was pretty neat that even in the Northeast, there were lots of stories.

Next on my list of randomness is my healthier living. This morning I made some Banana muffins. They were supposed to be banana bran muffins, but I had no bran cereal, so I used Grape Nut Flakes instead. They were actually really good! My one caveat was that I used the paper baking liners, the muffins stucck to them. Next time, I’ll just spray the muffin tins with cooking oil. If anyone is interested, let me know and I’ll post the recipe! The next thing on my healthier living list is chemicals. I am a self-procalimed germiphobe and go through a lot of hand sanitizer. My kids laugh at me all the time because I even use it to wipe down my steering wheel every time I drive. “Mom, you’re the only one who drives the car, why do you sanitize it?” “Jay drives sometimes.” “He’s your husband!” “Yeah, have you SEEN his hands? Esp. after work???” Yeah. So I’ve been hearing all about cleaners creating toxic fumes in you house and being the cause of allergies and ADHD etc. I don’t know if I put much creedence in that or not, it’ll just change in a few days anyway, but I thought, if I have something natural and non-toxic, maybe the little ones can HELP me clean. I went to my library last week (I LOVE the library, and go at least weekly) and got a bunch of cleaning and organizing tip books. All say the same thing about vinegar as a cleaner, it is a natural anti-bacterial, freshens the house and cleans most surfaces really well. So, I gave it a go. 2 hours later, I have a fresh-smelling, sparkly clean kitchen. Mind you, I took everything off the counters, cleaned them, washed all the cabinet fronts, the dishwasher (outside where the klids managed to spill stuff on all 4 sides), the stove, the greasy stove fan, all the appliances, fridges (we have 2) and the sink. I still have a few places to hit, but it is great in there! I thought it would smell like a pickle jar, but once it dries, there is no vinegary odor. Talk about cheap! I bought a spray bottle for $0.92 and a jug of vinegar for under $2. I used almost the whole 24 oz! I also added some to the “Jet Dry” area of my dishwasher, my dishes look REALLY clean and sparkly and dried faster. This is not to say I will completely give up chemicals. I cannot give up my bleach for the bathroom, with boys, I just can’t do it, but if I can make some small changes that will make my family healthier, I will.

Speaking of health, Anna will be getting a sensory profile done next week. She does not eat fruits or veggies, only crunchy foods like cereal, weith the exception of a rare firm banana or apple slice. She also has an aversion to anything on her hjands, esp. slimy or sticky things. She will just cry if you can’t wipe it off fast enough. Talk about seeking stimulation! She jumps and bounces and is “busy” all day! It is crazy and getting to be more prominent as she gets older. I overlooked so much with Jayson, and am seeing it in her, so I am working with Early Intervention. I just hope she gets what she needs to succeed. I am really baffled as to why Sensory Integration disorder is not part of the DSM- IV though. It really does affect a child’s learning and life. *sigh*

Yesterday I blogged about my transplanted flowers and peppers, but I forgot to mention Jayson’s beans. You might remember my blog about the pinto bean in his ear (, so imagine my surprise when we were cleaning out his backpack and found a handful of some kind of white beans. He grabbed them and said he was saving them to plant, raced into the kitchen and threw them on top of the dirt in the little plastic pods (these were some where the plants hadn’t grown, or were waiting to be transplanted). I left them there fully intending to discard them later and promptly forgot about them. Fast forward about 4 days and we had not jsut little sprouts, but tiny plants several inches tall! I took a few pics of them after they were transplanted to a pot. It reminded me of the story of Jack and the Beanstalk, I wonder if the story arose because of the rapid rate at which those plants grow?

These are the beans…see what I mean about how tall they are?!

Look carefully in the center, you can see new ones beginning to emerge!

I  am trying to prepare for our next bout of hot weather. We have had rainy and cool weather for several days now, not humid and 60’s-70’s. It’s been wonderful! Now we are expecting 80’s by tomorrow and 90’s for Friday and the weekend. I can’t take the heat! I will try to enjoy myself despite the weather, and hope you all do too!


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