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Will I ever get a job???

on June 29, 2012

Here’s the scoop. I graduated with a BA in Early Childhood Education in 2010, as a “non-traditional student”. I had a baby that fall, so I decided not to apply anywhere because, let’s face it, though they cannot legally say pregnancy was the reason, no one is going to hire someone to work in a school when they are due in early September. That was the year I got my tutoring gig part time after school, 6 hours a week. It was nice and gave us a little extra money, but it’s a Jan-June thing. Last year I sent out 7 packets with not a single response. No rejection letter, no acknowledgement of receipt…nothing. Last September I enrolled back in school for my Master’s degree in Curriculum Instruction. Winter came, again I did the tutoring gig. Here we are another year and I have sent out 5 or 6 resume packets and have gotten one acknowledgement with a polite “Don’t call us, we’ll call you.” and today, a letter stating that another candidate was selected. This one said that there were 60 candidates for the job.

I have to admit, I am pretty frustrated and depressed at this point. I can’t even get to the interview stage. I have not had experience, but can’t get any because no one is interested in giving me a chance. All through school we heard about all the jobs available and “teacher shortages”. Um, where? Because I am not seeing them here, in fact, it seems like there is a teacher overabundance that is creating job scarcity. I really NEED a job at this point. My husband  is self-employed so the pay is sporadic, I have bills and court-ordered expenses to pay to my ex, I need income! Do I take a menial job and try to make ends meet and have to start repaying my $350+ a month student loans, or do I try and tough it out another year? I don’t know. When I get my Master’s degree, will it help my job search, or hinder it? I don’t know what to do about any of it, but hope and pray for the best. I put my best foot forward and hope I’m a good match for something out there. There is one job I haven’t applied for that I qualify for, that is a job that is 1 hour 45 minutes away near the border of a neighboring state.  I am half tempted to apply. The pay looked good, probably as an incentive since it is so far away.

Wish me luck!


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