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Worst mom ever…

Jayson: “Mom I don’t want a cream cheese bagel anymore. Do we have any oranges?” Me: “No, sorry honey, we don’t.”  Jayson: “You’re the worst mova (mother) eva!” runs crying from the room. Um, ok? LOL

That isn’t where my sins stop either. Apparently, even though I am on the computer looking for a job, I am supposed to know that Anna is annoying him and prevent him from hitting her because he was getting angry. “I told you to ask me for help if she annoyed you.” J: “I DID! You just SAT there at your COMPUTER!” ME: “Jayson, you yelling ‘ANNA!’ and hitting her is not asking me for help.” J: “Well, I did and you just SAT there at your COMPUTER!” Not going to win that fight. I also have the nerve to not believe him when he’s lying about not having peed in his room, on purpose, into the closet.

The worst “crime” I have committed in his eyes though, is my unreasonable statement that yes, he DOES have to go to Kindergarten in the fall. How dare I? I know he HATES school! Who can forget the rude assumption that he needs to actually eat once in awhile to fuel his busy little body? In his defense, his medication for his ADHD makes him not have much of an appetite, but c’mon! You have to eat sometime! No, peanut butter cups are not an acceptable breakfast. No, you may not have cookies either. Here are your choices, bagel with cream cheese or cereal. No, Kool-Aid and S’mores were not one of your choices. OK, go to your room and calm down, you may not throw toys at me. We don’t even usually HAVE that much junk in the house, but last shopping trip, the little sneak dropped items in the carriage unnoticed until we got home. He has learned that I am often distracted at the register and may not notice everything that goes by. When I have removed things, without a word to him, he says “Where did x go?” “I took it out in the aisle.” “HOW did you KNOW I put it there?!?” So, his mode du jour is to slip things in when Anna distracts me. I think it’s a sibling conspiracy to get junk food into the house!

How do you deal when you are being a “bad mom”? What would be reasonable discipline for these situations? Time outs aren’t working so well anymore and I’m not a spanker.

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Too hot to trot.

7 lbs. I keep losing and gaining the same 7 lbs. It’s my own fault, I’ll be eating well and getting exercise through play, then I go wild with the sweets and it all goes down the tube. Plus it’s been so HOT and HUMID! Last week, despite the heat and humidity, we went to The Basin in the White Mountains of NH. It was still muggy, but somewhat cooler. The kids loved it, we loved it, and the water was downright arctic and refreshing! We literally couldn’t go in more than ankle deep as our feet got too numb. Being back in nature was just what I needed to help soothe my restless soul. I suggested to my husband that next time we should go sans complaining children.

Since then, we have gone to Jayson’s swimming lessons and to the ocean where we frolicked in the waves and walked to the board walk to buy candy. That’s been the extent of my exercise. We celebrated Christmas in July 2 days early before Kiersten joined Tyler and Megan back at her Dad’s (they left Sunday, she stayed an extra couple of days). We had a traditional, albeit smaller version of, Christmas dinner complete with homemade gingerbread cookies that Kiersten made and homemade eggnog that I made. If you know me, you know I am all about the eggnog from the time it comes out in late October until January when it disappears. This is morning 2 of eggnog in my coffee. Mmmmmm. I haven’t set foot on my scale in 2 days since I saw I had regained 3.5 lbs. I used to be extremely thin, but after the last 2 kids, I can’t seem to get into any sort of rhythm for exercise. That is compounded by the high stress of looking for and applying to teaching jobs and having to drive all over the state and it’s a recipe for weight loss disaster. I will not make excuses though, after seeing what my Dad went through last year, I need to get my weight down and be healthy for my kids. I am just considered “overweight” at this point, but am trying to get it in check before it becomes “obese”. After been asked twice in a row at 2 yard sales when the baby was due, I am all set with being overweight. Incidentally, the way it’s mostly in my belly, I do look about 4-5 mos pregnant, but the question still stung. Also, knowing that carrying the weight in your belly being an indicator that you are more likely to have heart problems is more than enough motivation to want to lose weight.

We have a one day reprieve from the humidity, so today I am planning a bike ride with the kids in the trailer. Maybe ride to swimming lessons? IDK Read the rest of this entry »

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What a great inspirational blog!

Losing 100 Pounds

Our air conditioner has been out for the past three days. I feel like I’m about to melt. Thankfully the repair guy is coming out tomorrow but sweet holy moly it’s been a sauna in my apartment. At a ripe (and I do mean ripe) steady 85 degrees with absolutely no air flow except for the office which has a ceiling fan, I’m pretty sure I’ve lost a few pounds in sweat alone. (I haven’t been weighing myself daily though, opting for weekly monitoring instead.)

I’ve been hanging around the house in my little exercise shorts that I wear under my skirts to keep my legs from rubbing, topped with the lightest weight t-shirts I can find. Since doing things like laundry and dishes result in needing to change clothing down to my under garments, not a lot has gotten done. And, nothing better to keep you from…

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Is variety or curiosity the spice of life?

Swimming in the sizzling hot sun. Eating Popsicles and fresh, sweet watermelon. Everyone smells of lake water, sunblock and sticky sweetness. These are how our lazy summer days are going lately. Swimming lessons 3 days a week, followed by playing on the swings and in the sand. Trying to simplify things, I am keeping the kids tv watching down and trying to get them to use their minds more in imaginary play. I can’t wait to hit the beach (ocean), Jayson wants to go to “Nana’s camp” on a pond in VT., camping and we will be heading to Minnesota in August. There is so much I want to do with the kids, but it feels as though summer is slipping through our fingers. Lack of money exacerbates the issue as well, so I have been searching for fun, free activities to occupy the kids.

Puppets. You hardly see them around anymore. Two days ago, we went to see a puppet show and it really brought back memories! As a young child, my elementary school had Odds Bodkin or puppeteers or others come in once a year and we loved it. I haven’t seen a puppeteer since my 15 year old was little. That’s why I love our library’s summer reading program. They bring puppeteers, magicians or other entertainers to the community center for all the local youth to see for free. Jayson was liking it, but Anna was being so naughty, we had to leave. Sadly, we left before the show was done. The woman was excellent though. It was nice to see simple values being taught; kindness, caring, friendship, overcoming shyness…things so simple, but that you don’t see as often these days.

Curiosity is the spice of life, or it is to a 5 year old. I had a hard time getting him to focus on swimming today. There were gross little fish skeletons floating on the water, something we thought were tadpoles, but that I think were actually baby dragonflies (one clung to my hand, I freaked out shaking it off and splashed the instructor). There were fish in the swimming area today. Luckily, they were afraid of us and stayed away. I only went in to my knees to help Jayson swim, but that was too close for my liking. Did I mention I am scared of fish? Yeah, go ahead and laugh. I hate those slimy little things with their little lips “kissing” at your legs. *shudder*. My nightmare was brought to life a couple of years ago when Good Morning America aired a segment about a “spa treatment” in which you stuck your feet into a bucket of fish that ate the dead skin off of your feet. Can anyone say DISGUSTING?!

I wish you all well until we meet again!

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Baby you’re a firework!

My 5 year old son has been singing Katy Perry’s firework all week. Or at least something like it. His refrain “Baby you’re a fiiiiiiirework! As you shoot across across across the sky-y-y-y-y!” Repeat to infinity. It is adorable though!

Last week the fireworks were only so-so. Mother nature did such a splendid pre-fireworks show that they seemed like duds in comparison, not to mention, they just weren’t really good this year. We had severe thunderstorms roll through, towns nearby even had micro-bursts that caused significant damage (A microburst is a very localized column of sinking air, producing damaging divergent and straight-line winds at the surface that are similar to, but distinguishable from, tornadoes, which generally have convergent damage.-Wikipedia). The timing was great, we had finished our BBQ, went to the parade and decided that since it was in the 90’s and very humid, we would rest inside with the A/C before venturing to the lake for the festivities. I was tidying up the kitchen when the emergency alert began blaring from the radio saying the storm would be here in less than an hour. I got my husband and told him to come out and help me with the tent and table or they would be gone with the wind. We went out, took doen the tent, disassembled the table, got them and the chairs to the basement, moved the grill and playhouse back to the fence area, warned the neighbors who were out grilling and ran inside. About 15 minutes later the storm hit. We saw bolts shooting across the sky, house shaking rumbles of thunder, the wind was bending the trees so far they looked ready to snap and the rain came down so heavily and was wind driven, we could barely see more than a couple feet away at times. It lasted a while and I hoped everyone at the lake had sought cover. I learned later from a frien that an announcement had been made at the concert for all to seek shelter, which was good. We never made it to the festivites, opting instead to stay home out of the sporadic rain and drizzle that persisted, and went for just the fireworks. Instead of going where the festivities were, we went to a friends house on the lake and watched the fireworks as they were launched from a boat. We were just across from where everyone else was, but I think we had a way better view! 🙂

Jayson has resumed swimming lessons. It’s funny, he is in with 2 and 3 year olds as it is his first time swimming. He is taller than all of them and willingly participates, the others, not so much. Anna even splashed in the water with them today.

I am trying to get up the courage to go to the school and speak with the principal. After last year, calling a school to see if they had received my resume and getting a “Do not call here. We will call you if you get an interview.” I am hesitant to do so, but have had 2 moms who volunteer at the school tell me to stop in and show my face. I am needing some luck right now!

I am going to go and attempt to make Jayson some paper airplanes.Until we meet again! 🙂

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