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Is variety or curiosity the spice of life?

on July 13, 2012

Swimming in the sizzling hot sun. Eating Popsicles and fresh, sweet watermelon. Everyone smells of lake water, sunblock and sticky sweetness. These are how our lazy summer days are going lately. Swimming lessons 3 days a week, followed by playing on the swings and in the sand. Trying to simplify things, I am keeping the kids tv watching down and trying to get them to use their minds more in imaginary play. I can’t wait to hit the beach (ocean), Jayson wants to go to “Nana’s camp” on a pond in VT., camping and we will be heading to Minnesota in August. There is so much I want to do with the kids, but it feels as though summer is slipping through our fingers. Lack of money exacerbates the issue as well, so I have been searching for fun, free activities to occupy the kids.

Puppets. You hardly see them around anymore. Two days ago, we went to see a puppet show and it really brought back memories! As a young child, my elementary school had Odds Bodkin or puppeteers or others come in once a year and we loved it. I haven’t seen a puppeteer since my 15 year old was little. That’s why I love our library’s summer reading program. They bring puppeteers, magicians or other entertainers to the community center for all the local youth to see for free. Jayson was liking it, but Anna was being so naughty, we had to leave. Sadly, we left before the show was done. The woman was excellent though. It was nice to see simple values being taught; kindness, caring, friendship, overcoming shyness…things so simple, but that you don’t see as often these days.

Curiosity is the spice of life, or it is to a 5 year old. I had a hard time getting him to focus on swimming today. There were gross little fish skeletons floating on the water, something we thought were tadpoles, but that I think were actually baby dragonflies (one clung to my hand, I freaked out shaking it off and splashed the instructor). There were fish in the swimming area today. Luckily, they were afraid of us and stayed away. I only went in to my knees to help Jayson swim, but that was too close for my liking. Did I mention I am scared of fish? Yeah, go ahead and laugh. I hate those slimy little things with their little lips “kissing” at your legs. *shudder*. My nightmare was brought to life a couple of years ago when Good Morning America aired a segment about a “spa treatment” in which you stuck your feet into a bucket of fish that ate the dead skin off of your feet. Can anyone say DISGUSTING?!

I wish you all well until we meet again!


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