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Too hot to trot.

on July 25, 2012

7 lbs. I keep losing and gaining the same 7 lbs. It’s my own fault, I’ll be eating well and getting exercise through play, then I go wild with the sweets and it all goes down the tube. Plus it’s been so HOT and HUMID! Last week, despite the heat and humidity, we went to The Basin in the White Mountains of NH. It was still muggy, but somewhat cooler. The kids loved it, we loved it, and the water was downright arctic and refreshing! We literally couldn’t go in more than ankle deep as our feet got too numb. Being back in nature was just what I needed to help soothe my restless soul. I suggested to my husband that next time we should go sans complaining children.

Since then, we have gone to Jayson’s swimming lessons and to the ocean where we frolicked in the waves and walked to the board walk to buy candy. That’s been the extent of my exercise. We celebrated Christmas in July 2 days early before Kiersten joined Tyler and Megan back at her Dad’s (they left Sunday, she stayed an extra couple of days). We had a traditional, albeit smaller version of, Christmas dinner complete with homemade gingerbread cookies that Kiersten made and homemade eggnog that I made. If you know me, you know I am all about the eggnog from the time it comes out in late October until January when it disappears. This is morning 2 of eggnog in my coffee. Mmmmmm. I haven’t set foot on my scale in 2 days since I saw I had regained 3.5 lbs. I used to be extremely thin, but after the last 2 kids, I can’t seem to get into any sort of rhythm for exercise. That is compounded by the high stress of looking for and applying to teaching jobs and having to drive all over the state and it’s a recipe for weight loss disaster. I will not make excuses though, after seeing what my Dad went through last year, I need to get my weight down and be healthy for my kids. I am just considered “overweight” at this point, but am trying to get it in check before it becomes “obese”. After been asked twice in a row at 2 yard sales when the baby was due, I am all set with being overweight. Incidentally, the way it’s mostly in my belly, I do look about 4-5 mos pregnant, but the question still stung. Also, knowing that carrying the weight in your belly being an indicator that you are more likely to have heart problems is more than enough motivation to want to lose weight.

We have a one day reprieve from the humidity, so today I am planning a bike ride with the kids in the trailer. Maybe ride to swimming lessons? IDKweight, weight loss, exercise, diet, bike ride, hiking, heat, humidity

So, does anyone have great tips for exercises that bust belly fat? Also, tips for exercising in the heat would be great too! I have asthma, so when it’s super humid, I can’t even leave the A/C.


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