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Worst mom ever…

on July 27, 2012

Jayson: “Mom I don’t want a cream cheese bagel anymore. Do we have any oranges?” Me: “No, sorry honey, we don’t.”  Jayson: “You’re the worst mova (mother) eva!” runs crying from the room. Um, ok? LOL

That isn’t where my sins stop either. Apparently, even though I am on the computer looking for a job, I am supposed to know that Anna is annoying him and prevent him from hitting her because he was getting angry. “I told you to ask me for help if she annoyed you.” J: “I DID! You just SAT there at your COMPUTER!” ME: “Jayson, you yelling ‘ANNA!’ and hitting her is not asking me for help.” J: “Well, I did and you just SAT there at your COMPUTER!” Not going to win that fight. I also have the nerve to not believe him when he’s lying about not having peed in his room, on purpose, into the closet.

The worst “crime” I have committed in his eyes though, is my unreasonable statement that yes, he DOES have to go to Kindergarten in the fall. How dare I? I know he HATES school! Who can forget the rude assumption that he needs to actually eat once in awhile to fuel his busy little body? In his defense, his medication for his ADHD makes him not have much of an appetite, but c’mon! You have to eat sometime! No, peanut butter cups are not an acceptable breakfast. No, you may not have cookies either. Here are your choices, bagel with cream cheese or cereal. No, Kool-Aid and S’mores were not one of your choices. OK, go to your room and calm down, you may not throw toys at me. We don’t even usually HAVE that much junk in the house, but last shopping trip, the little sneak dropped items in the carriage unnoticed until we got home. He has learned that I am often distracted at the register and may not notice everything that goes by. When I have removed things, without a word to him, he says “Where did x go?” “I took it out in the aisle.” “HOW did you KNOW I put it there?!?” So, his mode du jour is to slip things in when Anna distracts me. I think it’s a sibling conspiracy to get junk food into the house!

How do you deal when you are being a “bad mom”? What would be reasonable discipline for these situations? Time outs aren’t working so well anymore and I’m not a spanker.


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