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Weight and see…and illness strikes the household.

on October 10, 2012

I had an amazing 2.6 mile walk on a local trail last week after I posted. A friend and i took my 2 year old and went for it.We agreed it was fun and we wanted to do it again. Then the rain hit. We are having wicked rainy weather here in the Northeast lately. IDK the stats, but it must be above average rainfall. So, I did one day of the “challenge” and one day of walking and then it rained. I would have done the challenge on those other days, but my husband was home from work and I certainly won’t exercise in front of him! So instead, we drove 1/2 an hour and went to Olive Garden for lunch where I filled up on my beloved, waist friendly fettuccine Alfredo and bread sticks. Great idea for losing weight, no? Needless to say, I have sabotaged myself and am hoping to get back on track. To further agitate the process, I am severely sleep deprived. My 2 year old has been getting up several times a night. She will come into my pitch black room poking me and yelling “Bop! Booooooppppppp!” “What, Anna?” “Ah-ah?” (this is what she says when she wants to watch Curious George). “No Anna. Na’ Night time” “AH-AH!” Then you have to wrestle her into bed and lay there while she tosses, turns, kicks, hits and head buts you. Eventually she’ll fall asleep. No sooner do you drift off than she is up again. This goes on 3-4 times until between 5:30 ad 6 you decide it’s no longer worth it and get up with her. The one good thing that came of us getting rid of cable and getting Netflix is that whatever show they have, you can watch when you want to. So, George will go on when she gets up.

Our  next challenge was when the illness rolled through the house. First, my oldest 2 kids, who live with their father, got sick with a cold/flu/respiratory thing. My daughter still had it when she came home for some Mommy Pampering. Then my 5 y/o got a cold and ear infection. Last week he went on antibiotics for it. He seemed better and was thrilled to get his perfect attendance pencil the students get fro not missing any school. Unfortunately he wn’t get it this month. I was in VT with my youngest Monday night into Tuesday, my husband was to go in late to work Tues. after getting the kids on the school bus. I called at 10pm Monday and found out my little guy had gotten sick and developed a fever. No school for him. Luckily it must have been a 24 hour stomach bug, because all day yesterday he ate like a champ, his fever broke and other than looking tired, he was OK. Back to school today!

Now more than ever I need to exercise. We have been having tasty baked desserts, I have been under enormous stress with school and job hunting and there is illness running rampant through our town. Exercise will help keep me healthy and reduce the stress. Now if only I could find the time…


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