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What I’ve learned today or a Murphy’s Law Day

1. You cannot successfully catch a raw egg by pinning it between your leg and the counter. You get a splattery gooey mess and need to change your clothes and wash the floor.

2. A small child can cause as much destruction as an earthquake when left alone for more than 5 seconds.

3. A lazy susan spice rack is a wonderland for 2 year olds.

4. The box of spices used to make homemade stuffing are very fine and spread far.

5. I think an invisible elf or other mystic, invisible creature lives in my house. He likes to make me trip over nothing and lose my keys. Maybe my mind too.

6. Cats like to vomit in high traffic areas.

7. A 2 year old who refuses to potty train has no problem removing their wet/poopy diapers and leaving them throughout the house.

8. 2 year olds are like cats, they are always on  the wrong side of the door.

9. Some days french toast IS a suitable lunch.

10. When you are stressed and barely able to cope, you will lose the thing that you are supposed to be working on.

11. A child’s smile can help make your day better. 🙂

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Be Kind!

I am reblogging this as a reminder to be kind. Thinking of all we have, couldn’t we think of something to give? It needn’t be expensive, a kind word, a smile…these are free but are worth their weight in gold.

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